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Education Apps

Collaboration Projects
Edmodo Facebook style interface where groups can post to a wall to share information. Allows for file sharing and messaging.

Google Docs Tired of emailing group documents back and forth for revisions? Collaborate with others and make revisions in real-time or on your own time.

Stormboard Online brainstorming and collaboration that create virtual sticky notes and allows real-time polling to help make decisions. Export reports as a report, pdf, or spreadsheet.

Voicethread “Collaboration made simple” You begin a thread/discussion based on what you upload. Everyone has the option to comment with videos, text, webcams, voice recording or sounds.

Digital Storytelling
Animoto is a web-based application that allows you to easily create videos from photos and videos clips set to music. All CFCC employees are eligible for an Education Account which grants free access for you and students.

Big Huge Labs Create anything from a photocube to trading cards.

Bitstrips Online comic creator. Offers variety in panel selection, text bubbles, characters, props and scenes.

Dvolver Make your own animated movie. Ridiculously easy, just a matter of selecting backgrounds, characters and text.

Go! Animate Top notch, easy to use animation software. Features: voice to text, background music, selection of characters or create your own, animation editing. Automatically lip syncs voice recordings. A free 14-day trial version but no free version.

Tagxedo Word cloud generator. Slightly more complex than Wordle.
Diagramming and Mind Apps
Diagramming Software

Gliffy Offers a free online subscription. Create flowcharts, floor plans, technical drawings, etc.

Lucidchart Available in Google Drive, click New and will appear in the list with Docs, Spreadsheet, and Forms. Easily create flowcharts and download as .jpg, or .pdf. Save in Google Drive and share links.

Mind Map Software

Creately Online diagramming software that includes templates as starting points. Individual or collaborate.

FreeMind Requires download. Free open source software. Not as intuitive as Xmind.

mindmeister Create a virtual mind map. Create way to organize thoughts. Ability to share and collaborate with others.

Xmind Requires download. Unlimited creation of maps. Sharing capabilities with paid version.
Images and Graphics
Gimp is free and requires download. It is a full featured image and graphic editor. This software is the closet to Adobe’s Photoshop.

Pixlr image editor This full-featured and free web-based image editor is similar to Adobe’s Photoshop and those of you who have worked with that program will feel very comfortable. This tool includes layers, filters, editing, and all of the basic tools you need to create good graphics. After you finish editing, you can save the work file to use later and you can save the final product in a number of different formats, including PhotoShop’s PSD format.
Map Tools
Scribblemaps Draw over Google Maps. fantastic!

Google Maps in Education Visual access to the world. Provides ideas for the classroom by discipline.

Streetview with Google Maps. “Explore places around the world through 360-degree street-level imagery.
Presentation Apps
Animoto is a web-based application that allows you to easily create videos from photos and videos clips set to music. All CFCC employees are eligible for an Education Account which grants free access for you and students.

Google Slides MS PowerPoint like tools and editing can download as pdf or ppt. extension.

Prezi Create fun, non-linear presentations with zoom in and out ability. Easy to use and more engaging than regular PowerPoints. Make sure to sign up for the free educational license.

Slideshare equivalent of a YouTube site for PowerPoint presentations. Upload your own or search for some great presentations already created by someone else.

Piktochart Perfect for creating infographics to display charts, graphs, and numbers. Easy to make quality-looking visual displays.
Surveying and Polling
Poll Everywhere Ask your students a question and they answer it by texting on their phone. Responses are displayed live via web or PowerPoint

Google Forms Choose from 7 different types of questions and over 70 themes. Embed survey into your webpage or provide a direct link. responses are automatically uploaded into a spreadsheet. Will also graph and chart your responses.

Socrative With a separate teacher and student login, teachers can ask the class questions and receive instant, real-time results. Cumulative results available for comparisons and overall results. Can be used for student engagement and feedback throughout class. Also works on mobile devices.
timetoast another timeline generator.

Recording Audio and Video

The following tools are options for creating instructional videos with screen recordings, video, audio and more. You might use these applications for short chunks of information for a lesson or for an audiovisual response to a student’s inquiry. You can quickly describe concepts using multimedia and make the recordings available either as a file to be uploaded on Blackboard, shared in Google Drive, or uploaded on YouTube.

Please keep in mind, before selecting any application for use in your course, that students with cognitive, audio, visual or motor impairments should be provided with the same learning experience as their classmates. For instance, when making an audio-only recording, provide a transcript. For video, use synchronized captions. Read more on accessibility.

Jing The free version of Snagit offers minimal editing and annotating features. Jing requires a registration and is downloaded to the computer. It also comes with a video recording tool but does not work properly with CFCC’s computers.

Monosnap Free screen capture tool for Mac and Windows. The software is downloaded to the computer. It will soon be offered for Android and iOS too. Once installed you can use Monosnap to capture a portion or all of your screen.
Screen Recording
Camtasia Available for purchase only. This application is widely used in application and allows desktop/application recording and much more. You can use a magnifier tool to highlight areas, add quizzes, and split the audio and video for easy editing. Files can be saved in a variety of formats.

— Check the Camtasia training page for short movie tutorials on all of Camtasia’s features.

Screencast-o-matic This web-based option allows you to start recording immediately without installing software. Make recordings (up to 15 minutes each with free version) and save them online or on your computer in a variety of formats. You can also upload the recordings directly to YouTube.

Camstudio This software (PC only) allows you to make screen recordings (audio, video, callouts) and do simple editing.
Audio Recording
Audio files (such as lecture recordings) can be stored and shared via Google Drive or Blackboard. First, faculty should write a script, record the lecture, edit it and save the audio in a compatible format. Keep in mind that you should provide a transcript for podcasts to meet accessibility guidelines.

Audacity Widely used software that is downloaded to the computer. Audacity is a free sound recorder and editor to create audio files.

Video Sharing and Storage
All faculty and staff at CFCC have YouTube accounts tied to their Gmail and other Google Apps. YouTube provides video storage, sharing (visibility) options, and integration with Blackboard courses.

Using Multimedia

Finding photos, videos and music for instructional use or student projects should follow best practices for multimedia use. This means not only citing the original source of the material but using the content within the boundaries of copyright law.

All resources and websites listed in this section fall under public domain , royalty-free or creative commons licensing.

Although many sites list “free” resources this may not always be the case. It is good practice to double check the licensing attributed to the media you wish to use.

Graphics and Icons
Everyone loves to add graphics and icons. Graphic images and icons can be easily downloaded. The preferred file extensions for downloading and using graphics for your courses include: png, ico, icns. The sites listed below are a great place to start.

The sites below are considered public domain and offer some great images/photos for use in classroom or online courses. As always, please double check the copyright and licensing for individual images. It is best practice to cite and credit the original of the image.

Music and Sounds
It’s hard to find the right soundtrack to add to your video or tutorial without violating the ownership rights of the artist. No worries with the sites listed below.

Looking for the perfect “creaking door” sound? How about “crickets”?

Creative Commons
What is it?
It’s a place where you can share your knowledge and creativity with the world, explore other peoples’ work, and license your own.

License and Share
With just a few clicks of your mouse, its possible to have a copyright license for your own work. “The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates. Their tools give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work . The combination of Creative Commons tools and their users is a vast and growing digital commons , a pool of content that can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon , all within the boundaries of copyright law.”

Search and Explore
Creative Commons has made it easy for anyone to search through a selection of some of the world’s greatest multi-media search engines for CC-licensed material. It’s as easy as typing in your search query and selecting the site.

A few of the sites included in the search:

Google Images, Google Web, Flickr, YouTube, Jamendo (music), Fotopedia, Open Clipart Library

Once you have the work you wish to use, proper attribution to the creator of that work is needed.

Additional Resources

Teaching Resources
Higher Education News
Chronicle of Higher Education Weekly news and job-information source for college and university faculty members, administrators, and students

Faculty Focus Publishes articles on effective teaching strategies in higher education

Inside Higher Ed An online source for news, job postings, and opinions related to higher education
Adjunct Faculty Resources
Adjunct Faculty Toolkit Includes six major topics and tools associated with teaching in higher education
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