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CFCC Interior Design Students Partner with Welcome Home Angel for Unique Design Project

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From left to right are CFCC Interior Design students Tess Luman, Brianna Lovins, and Kara Kube

Cape Fear Community College students Tess Luman, Brianna Lovins, and Kara Kube worked on an unforgettable project this fall, adding to their workload as interior design students in the most meaningful way. The trio responded to a request for help from Welcome Home Angel, a non-profit organization in Wilmington that works with families of children with chronic and physically debilitating illness or injury, ages four through 21, who live in the Wilmington region. The group works to design healthy and cheerful spaces within clients’ existing homes in which the children can live and recover.

CFCC Interior Design Program Director Tammy Powell presented the students the opportunity to work on this unique project. An eight-year-old boy with the neuromuscular disease had just relocated to a new home and missed the warmth of his sunroom. The new home had a sunroom, but it needed to be designed for the child’s specific needs. The three students readily agreed to work on the project together, outside of their class assignments.

“It took us about a month to research and source the items we thought would be the best fit for this project and the budget,” said Kube. “We immediately started working together and had many similar ideas for the project.”

The group started with a rough floorplan but knew the focal point of the sunroom was going to be one specific item – a leather sofa.

“We learned that the warmth of the natural sunlight was very soothing for this client,” said Luman. “In addition to his neuromuscular challenges, we learned he also struggles with sensory issues. When working on the room, we really focused on textures and worked to create a safe and comforting environment for him. The leather sofa was an important feature because the leather warms with the sunlight.”

“This was such a great experience,” said Lovins. “We worked together really well, and it was so rewarding to know our work would help this child. Working with Welcome Home Angel, we were able to learn about his needs, what we could do with the design to make the most impact. This was an extremely validating experience for all of us. Our small group shared the same vision for the project, and the result was certainly worth all our time and effort. We learned what a significant part interior design could play in the life of someone with disabilities.”

“This opportunity was unexpected,” said Luman. “Being connected to Welcome Home Angel through CFCC was amazing. It was an awesome opportunity for all of us, and now, not only did we have a wonderful personal experience, but we also have a great project to add to our portfolios. I would advise any interior design student to work on this type of project while in school.”

CFCC’s interior design students have worked on projects for Welcome Home Angel before. “I make sure that CFCC is always on their resource list,” says Powell. “These projects are so meaningful for our students and for the families they assist. It’s a wonderful way for our students to learn about aspects of design that make a real impact in the lives of others.”

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