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Frequently Asked Questions – Fall 2020

What is CFCC’s plan for the Fall? Will I still have classes on campus?

We are working to minimize the number of persons on campus at one time so that we can encourage social distancing within each classroom. Although some face-to-face instruction will take place, the majority of our classes will have a virtual component or will move completely online.

I do not want to take online classes/I have struggled in online classes in the past, should I sit this semester out? What are my options?

We recognize that some students may be more comfortable in an environment where they will have more interaction with instructors and other students. However, many online classes will incorporate strategies such as synchronous learning (where the instructor and all students are online at the same time), class message boards, and other strategies to ensure that students are interacting with the instructor and with each other. In addition, CFCC will offer limited face-to-face sections where social distancing can be maintained, especially for high-demand general education classes.

Do I still need to pay student activity and parking fees if I am taking online classes?

Yes. Student activity and parking fees are used for a variety of purposes that help students no matter how they are taking classes.

Does CFCC anticipate that class delivery methods may change once the Fall semester has started?

The health and safety of our student body and our campus community is our top priority. The extra measures we are implementing now are designed with everyone’s wellbeing in mind. In addition to converting many of our face-to-face classes to hybrid, hyflex, or online options, the College is working to arrange labs and classroom space in a way that promotes social distancing while still allowing access to essential labs and equipment. It is our expectation that the changes we are implementing now, before the term begins, will avoid changes in delivery methods later on. However, we recognize that the current pandemic is not yet over and that the situation remains fluid and so we are prepared to make any necessary adjustments to schedules and/or course delivery in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our campus community.

Will masks be required in my seated classes?

Yes. CFCC is requiring PPE while entering any college-owned building and while in a classroom setting. Many programs may require face coverings for the duration of the class setting when social distancing cannot be maintained.

CFCC will follow protocols and guidance set forth by the state and local health officials to ensure the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff. Please refer to CFCC’s Use of Personal Protective Equipment policy in our 2020-21 catalog and student handbook for more information.

What do hybrid and hyflex mean?

Hybrid class instruction is primarily delivered online with a requirement that students also meet face-to-face (in-classroom). These classes are always indicated by a “Y” in the section code (e.g. BIO-112-DY1 and ACA-122-NYE1A). Hybrid classes may have required face-to-face proctored exams. Please contact the individual instructor or department to determine if a particular section has such a requirement. Hyflex classes are those in which students alternate between face-to-face instruction and remote options such as recorded lectures, live-streaming of instruction, or other methods of delivery. This allows us to offer face-to-face instruction for classes in which the room capacity does not allow proper social distancing for the number of students enrolled in a particular class.

For hyflex classes, how will I know which day of the week to attend class?

The face-to-face portion of your hyflex class will always be within the class meeting days and times that were originally scheduled. Your instructor will determine how to split the class evenly so that proper social distancing can be implemented. Students are expected to attend only the face-to-face class dates assigned to them so that all students in the class have an equal opportunity to receive face-to-face instruction.

What does an online synchronous or asynchronous class mean?

Online synchronous means that the instructor and all students in the class meet online during a specific time and day as if they were in a physical classroom. This allows immediate interaction with others in the class and provides real-time delivery of instruction by the faculty member. Online asynchronous classes means that students work independently according to a pre-established timeline of assignments and due-dates. Students in asynchronous classes always have the option of contacting the instructor with questions about due dates or assignments or to request additional help.

How do I get help if I am struggling with my classes?

At CFCC we are committed to student success! We offer a wide variety of services and supports for students who may be struggling in their classes. All of these resources are available in-person as well as virtually for those who prefer not to come to campus. Please visit the Student Resources page for more information about the free services available to all students.

How do I stay in touch with my instructor for extra help? Will there be office hours?

CFCC instructors are committed to providing support and assistance to their students. In addition to being available virtually, all CFCC full-time instructors will have established on-campus office hours during the Fall semester. Be sure to consult the class syllabus for each class to determine the best way to contact your instructor.

Can I study on campus between classes? If so, where can I go?

All CFCC campuses and locations remain open and are fully staffed. There are quiet spaces and study areas available in various buildings on all campuses. In addition, the Library on both campuses offers both group and individual study areas, as well as a Learning Lab where Tutors may be available on a limited basis. Please note that social distancing is encouraged in these study areas. Reference the Library Floor Plan for the specific location of the study areas within the Library on the Downtown and North Campuses.

Who do I notify if I may have been exposed to Covid or am waiting on a test result? Should I tell my instructor?

If a student suspects that he or she may have been exposed to COVID-19 or is waiting on a test result he or she should immediately contact the Campus Health Hotline at at 910-362-7725 . For more information, please see Campus Exposure Procedures .

If I miss classes because I am self-quarantining as a precautionary measure, will these absences count against me?

If a student is asked to remain home due to a public health emergency, every effort will be made to ensure that the student remains on track with all coursework. This may include allowing the student to complete assignments and participate in the class remotely when possible. Absences incurred during the recommended or directed self-isolation period will not violate an instructor’s attendance policy as long as the student has contacted the Dean of Students’ office ( 910-362-7725 or ) prior to missing class.

For more information, please see Campus Exposure Procedures .

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