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HEERF II Funds Distribution Plan

CFCC has received $2,363,220 from the Federal government in order to assist students with costs associated with attending college.

The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRSAA) requires that we prioritize the distribution of this funding for students with exceptional financial need. Students who receive this funding may use it for anything associated with the student’s cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus, such as:

  • Tuition
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Health care (including mental)
  • Childcare

Students who meet the following criteria will automatically receive funding:

  • Be currently enrolled in Spring 2021 classes
  • Be enrolled in a program that leads to a certificate, diploma, or degree
  • Be a high school graduate
  • Have a 2020-21 FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) on file at CFCC
  • Be eligible for a Pell Grant (have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) between 0 – 5711

CFCC will distribute the funding as follows. This one-time emergency payment will be issued prior to the end of the Spring 2021 term.

HEERF II Distribution Chart

Students with 0 EFC $800
Students with EFC between 1 – 5711 $600

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to receive these funds?

No separate application is necessary. All students who have a 2020-21 FAFSA on file with CFCC’s financial aid office will automatically receive a grant based on their EFC.

How will the funds be distributed?

The Business Office will deposit the funds directly into your account if you have signed up for Direct Deposit. If you have not opted for Direct Deposit, then a paper check will be mailed to the address currently on file in the Registrar’s office. To sign up for Direct Deposit (the fastest way to receive the funding), log in to your WebAdvisor account and select the Student Menu. Under “Financial Information” select Bank Information (U.S.)

When can I expect to receive this funding?

The financial aid office will begin processing grant awards in mid-April, but it may take several weeks for all of the funds to be distributed through the Business Office. We expect that all of the funds will be sent to students before the end of the Spring 2021 semester.

I don’t currently have a 2020-21 FAFSA on file. Is it too late for me to apply?

No. You may still submit your FAFSA online at . CFCC will continue to award grants to students who meet the EFC eligibility as long as the FAFSA is received by May 12, 2021.

I have filed my 2021-22 FAFSA (for Fall 2021). Can you use that FAFSA instead?

No. You must have a 2020-21 FAFSA on file with an EFC of 5711 or less in order to receive a grant.

I received an emergency grant already under the CARES act enacted in Spring 2020. Am I still eligible to receive HEERF II funds?

Yes. All students who meet the eligibility criteria above will receive a HEERF II grant even if they’ve already received a financial aid award or funds offered under any previous programs.

I have a financial need that exceeds the amount of this grant. Is there a way for me to request additional help?

CFCC may have additional funding available in the future, but we need further guidance from the Department of Education before we can begin distributing these funds. The CFCC Foundation does have limited resources to support students with emergency needs, as well as scholarship opportunities. Please visit our website at .

Where can I find my EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)?

Your EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) is listed on the Student Aid Report you should have received after submitting your 2020-21 FAFSA. You can also find this information by logging into your Financial Aid Self-Service account at .
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