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Tuition Assistance for WE Grades

If you were enrolled for Spring 2020 and had Withdrawal Emergency (WE) grades due to COVID-19, you’re eligible to receive tuition assistance!

We know that many of you, our students, were not able to complete the Spring 2020 coursework due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand the challenge that COVID-19 presented, and we want to encourage you to persevere in your studies!

Now, more than ever, it’s important to continue your education and strengthen your skillset. With those considerations in mind, we are offering tuition assistance to any student who received a WE (Withdrawal Emergency) grade for Spring 2020 to offset the cost of returning to CFCC this fall. This means you will receive a credit towards your fall tuition in the amount of the tuition paid for the Spring 2020 course(s) from which you withdrew.


  • Students must have been enrolled at CFCC in Spring 2020 and have earned a WE grade in a curriculum class
  • Tuition assistance will be applied to the student’s Fall tuition balance in the amount of the total tuition paid for the withdrawn class(es) at the In-State rate paid for Spring 2020 ($76 per credit hour)
  • Tuition assistance cannot exceed the amount of tuition charged for Fall 2020 classes
  • Students are responsible for all fees associated with Fall 2020 enrollment
  • Maximum tuition assistance awarded will be $1,216 for 16 or more credit hours withdrawn
# of Credit Hours Issued WE Grad Amount Applied to Fall Tuition
1 $76
2 $152
3 $228
4 $304
5 $380
6 $456
7 $532
8 $608
9 $684
10 $760
11 $836
12 $912
13 $988
14 $1064
15 $1140
16+ $1216

Students Who Have Received Tuition Assistance
Amount Awarded to Students
Eligible Students Not Yet Enrolled
Maximum Total Tuition Assistance Funds
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