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Attendance Leniency Accommodation

In order for the Attendance Leniency Accommodation to apply — prior to an absence, the student must provide an Authorized Accommodation Letter to their instructor, which indicates the approval of this accommodation. This accommodation is not retroactive.

When the student is absent from class and requests this accommodation apply, the absence must relate directly to the student’s disability on file with the Disability Support Services Office (DSS).

Students who have been approved for this accommodation have reviewed and agreed to the parameters listed below:

  • The student must be making satisfactory progress in the course, in order to be eligible for this accommodation.
  • The student must contact their instructor within 24 hours of the disability related absence.
  • The student must inform the DSS office within 24 hours of the disability related absence.
  • DSS staff may require the student to provide additional documentation related to their absence, in order to determine if the absence qualifies for this accommodation. If acceptable documentation is not provided, per DSS’s request, this accommodation cannot apply.
  • DSS staff will contact the instructor of the course, informing them that this accommodation will apply to the student’s absence.
  • The student is responsible for: 1 – contacting their instructor in order to obtain missing coursework caused by the absence and 2 –submitting the coursework, per the instructor’s timeline.
  • It is essential for the student to maintain communication with DSS and the instructor.
  • If the student’s disability related absences cause them to fall too far behind in the course, a withdrawal may be recommended.
  • This accommodation cannot apply in classes or situations where attendance is considered essential, i.e.: labs, group projects or activities, shops, clinical settings.

*Additional guidance regarding this accommodation can be obtained by reviewing the Faculty/Staff Training Module or by contacting a DSS staff member .

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