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CFCC furnishes textbooks for use by regular full-time employees who enroll in supervisor approved and job-related, tuition-free courses at the College, subject to availability of funding and completion of courses. Book vouchers must be requested through the President’s office. Used books are to be purchased with CFCC vouchers when available in the CFCC bookstore. All textbook packages provided by the College (textbook and any supplementary texts, workbooks, digital media, etc.) must be returned to the President’s office within 5 workdays of completion of classes to increase the availability of used textbooks for the next academic term.

Employees must give serious consideration to their ability to complete courses before requesting textbook vouchers from the College as either failure to complete courses for unexcused reasons or failure to return all textbook packages on a timely basis and in usable condition will require reimbursement from the employee for net textbook expenses incurred by the College. “Net textbook expenses” is defined as the original cost of the new or used book less the buyback value of returned books as determined by the CFCC Bookstore.

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