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Contact Tracing

The comprehensive 4MedPlus Certificate of Contact Tracing Proficiency (CCTP) course is an online self-paced program that covers all CDC recommended training elements required to apply for a contact tracer role in any community. This course also provides in-depth training regarding tracer communication and includes a hands-on practice session with sample case interview audio and a digital tracing form.

What does a Contact Tracer do?

Contact tracers are those who notify patients and close contacts of patients of their exposures based on national, regional, and organizational requirements then continue to follow the cases and contacts through their recommended protocols. Most contact tracers work remotely however, some positions may require work from an office.


SELF-PACED: Certificate of Contact Tracing Skills Proficiency (CCTP)

Course Objectives

  • Identify strategies to reduce spread of disease
  • Outline the primary components of contact tracing
  • Describe detailed contact tracing protocols
  • Apply knowledge and contact tracing protocol to realistic scenarios
  • Understand communication and question types for contact tracing calls
  • Identify contact tracing tools and resources
  • Practice interview and online report form completion (with digital hands-on exercises)
  • Understand the importance of protecting Patient Health Information (PHI)
  • Analyze contact tracing encounters for ongoing quality improvement
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JOB-ROLE LEARNING PATH: Contact Tracing Healthcare Skills Specialist (CTHSS)

Courses in this learning path include:

  • Contact Tracing Skills Proficiency
  • Infection Prevention & Barrier Protection
  • HIPAA Workforce Proficiency
  • Healthcare Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Patient Provider Communication Skills
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Job Outlook and Employment Resources

According to, the nationwide average salary of a Contact Tracer is $20.38/hour with some jobs paying $25/hour.

While we do not guarantee employment after completing this certificate, Contact Tracers are in-demand and this occupation is fast growing.

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