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Practice Test

If you would like to practice before taking the Competency test, please complete the practice assignment below.

Computer Terms and Tutorial information for the Computer Competency Exam are located  here .

Please follow the links for the files needed for the practice test.

Part I

Windows File Management

  1. Open File Explorer and then create two folders called Spreadsheet and Project on your desktop.
  2. Copy the following files to the respective folders:
    1. Budget 98.xlsx and Budget 99.xlsx to the Spreadsheet folder.
    2. MusicLetter.docx and Sea Devils Logo.jpg to the Project folder.
  3. Close File Explorer and start on Part II

Part II

Microsoft Word

  1. Open the file Tribune.docx  and then save the file as Tribune Test in the Project folder.
  2. Correct any spelling or grammar errors.   Make sure the right correction is selected in the Suggestions list box before you click Change.   Please check for other errors, such as words spelled correctly, but are used out of context.
  3.  In the second to last sentence, replace “the BRT Advertising Office” with your name.
  4. Change the right margin to 1.5 inches and the left margin to 2 inches.
  5.  Format the entire document to 12-point Times New Roman font.
  6. Format the four paragraphs below “Did you know?” as a bulleted list.
  7. Drag the third bullet (which begins “You can include…”) up to make it the first bullet in the bulleted list.
  8. Format the first line of the document using a font, font size, and alignment of your choice.   Use bold or italic for emphasis.
  9. Format the entire document using 1.5 line spacing
  10. Save then close the document.
  11. Open the file Tribune Test.  Save as Tribune Test 2.
  12. Insert a section break after the telephone number in the last paragraph of the document.
  13.  Create a header for section 2 that aligns your name (MLA style) and the page number at the right margin.   Close the Header and Footer toolbar and save your work.

Create the table shown below:

Troubleshooting Option Explanation Cost
Cable Checker 3 devices for each office at @225 a piece $65
Onsite Troubleshooting 40 hours of onsite troubleshooting, @$120 an hour $4,800
Cable Tester 1 device to be shared among three offices $1,400
  1. Insert a new row just below the Cable Tester row, and then enter the following information in the new row:
    1. Troubleshooting Option: Onsite Training
      Explanation: Informational seminar for all Madison employees
      Cost: $300
  2. Modify the widths of columns A and C to accommodate the widest entry in each, and then right-align the Cost column.
  3. Select the Heading row and Bold and Center the headings.
  4. Save the document. Close Word and proceed to Part III.

Part III

Microsoft Excel 

  1. Start Excel; then open the Music Rentals.xlsx  workbook; save the workbook as Instrument Rentals in the Spreadsheet folder on the desktop.
  2. In cell A18, type Total.  Bold the label.
  3. In cell B18, create a formula that will calculate the totals for cells B10:B17.  Copy and paste the formula from cell B18 to cells C18:E18.
  4. Create a 3-D Cluster Column Chart based on the data from cells A10:E17.
  5. Move the chart so that the top left corner is in cell A26.
  6. At the top of the column chart, click Chart Title to select the placeholder text.
  7. Type Making Music as the new chart title and remove the legend from the chart.
  8. Save your work and close Excel to proceed Part IV.

Part IV


  1. Open the file  Pack List.pptx ; then save as Pack List Test in the Project folder.
  2. Apply the design template titled “Organic” (or a design of your choice) and then replace the subtitle in Slide 1 with your name.
  3. On Slide 2, change the slide layout so that you can place clipart to the right of the bulleted list. Search for a clip that deals with money, and then insert the clip art that shows a dollar sign in an orange circle.
  4. Recolor the clip art so that it is green.
  5. Resize the clip art so it fits properly on the slide, and then resize the bulleted-list text box as needed so the text is as large as possible without overlapping the clip art.   You can use the Font Size button on the Formatting toolbar.
  6. Add a new Slide 9 with the Title and Content layout; type “Thank You” as the title; insert a Pyramid diagram.   Apply the Organic design template to this slide.
  7. Click the bottom placeholder in the diagram. Type “You.” Click the middle placeholder and type “Global Humanitarian.” Click the top placeholder and type “The World.” Then reformat all three labels to 28-point bold Arial.
  8. Set up animation on at least three slides (bullets and graphics).
  9. Save and close the file.