Testimonials – Real Estate Students

What are CFCC Real Estate students saying about the instructor, Laurel Pettys?

“Teaching is an outstanding and incredible gift and Laurel Pettys is truly an outstanding and incredible teacher.   I was privileged to have Laurel as an instructor in Real Estate Pre-Licensing,  Real Estate Math, and three post licensing courses.   When beginning the real estate pre-licensing course at CFCC, I was so nervous and unsure of my ability to accomplish what I was embarking upon.   However, it’s amazing how the “giant within” can be awakened when someone you admire believes in you and gives so freely the affirmation that is needed to produce positive results.”

“Ms. Pettys makes learning interesting by featuring professionals in the industry in her classes, as well as many interactive and group-based learning scenarios among the students.  Her high professional standards are apparent through her consistent and cohesive approach to instruction, which created great loyalty and enthusiasm from the various individuals enrolled in the classes I attended.  In addition to the core broker curriculum, Ms. Pettys included related career choices such as appraiser, surveyor and loan originator in her instruction, enhancing both the real-world relatedness as well as the natural networking development necessary for a successful real estate career.”

“We quite literally enjoyed two full semesters of her real estate courses. We were prepared to easily pass our broker license exams, join a local company and thrive. She was both enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her area and has a special talent for transferring that enthusiasm to her students.”

“Her knowledge on the subject only increased my level of confidence in her.  She would often go the extra mile to make sure we understood the subject matter.  She taught for the joy of watching us walk out of her class with more knowledge than we came in with.”

“Laurel Pettys is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had the benefit of learning from. She has the patience of a saint. Ms. Pettys is very hands on.”

“The atmosphere in our classroom was controlled so that there were no unnecessary distractions.  Real Estate is very difficult subject material.  Ms. Pettys kept us motivated by giving us encouragement and that extra push to make it to the next chapter. I don’t think there was a class period when she didn’t tell us we could do it and believe me in every class one of us needed to hear that.”

“Laurel encouraged student participation in her teaching method and the class time seemed to be over before we were aware of the time passing. Having a university degree and a post graduate degree, I am well equipped to say that she is among the top instructors I have experienced.”

“I am now entering into my second year in real estate. I love what I do and enjoy working with people and encouraging others as I have been encouraged. Often I meet people that seem to have what it takes to work in real estate. I always let them know that they would make great real estate agents and should they be interested in pursuing a real estate career I know the most incredible instructor that will almost guarantee success for them. Some teachers you never forget because of the impact they have on your life.   Laurel is one of the most impactful, encouraging, energetic, visionary instructors I’ve ever known and a teacher I will never forget.”

“Ms. Pettys emphasizes the absolute requirement for honesty, integrity and fiscal prudence required of those entering the field.  She has high standards of personal conduct and promotes a similarly high standard for her students by consistently and enthusiastically conveying both the significant technical knowledge, as well as the more intangible but fundamental knowledge about how real estate business is truly conducted in the real world, and the need for personal and professional integrity.”