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Section and Building Codes

Section Codes

Code Section
Section D01>>>D… Day Classes – Downtown Wilmington
Section DE01>>> DE… Night Classes – Downtown Wilmington
Section P01>>> P… Weekend Classes – Downtown Wilmington
Section B01>>> B… Burgaw Center
Section H01>>> H… Honors Classes
Section I01>>> I… Internet Classes
Section N01>>> N… Day Classes – North Campus
Section NE01>>>NE… Night Classes – North Campus
Section DY01>>>DY… Hybrid – Downtown Wilmington
Section NY01>>>NY… Hybrid – North Campus
Section __A (appended to sections above, ie D01A) Indicates a First Mini-Session class
Section __Z (appended to sections above, ie D01Z) Indicates a Second Mini-Session class
Section __K (appended to sections above, ie D01K) Indicates a 12-week Mini-Session class

Building Codes

Prefix Building
A Galehouse
AHS Ashley High School
B Burgaw Center
F Workforce Training Center
K Auto Body
L Health Sciences/Learning Resource Center
M Ship – R.V. Dan Moore
N Science Building – Downtown
NHRM New Hanover Regional Medical Center
HMSC New Hanover High Schoool
NA North Campus – McKeithan Center
NB North Campus – Applied Technologies Building
NC North Campus – Safety Training Center
ND North Campus – Cosmetology and Early College High School
NY North Campus – Landscaping
NZ North Campus – Butler Building
OFF Off Site
R Schwartz Center
S McLeod Building
T BIG Center
V Vocational
W Emmart/Burnett Building
TBA To Be Announced
WWW Online Class
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