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Non-punitive Grading Policy for Spring 2020

Based on recent guidance from federal and state agencies, the College has decided to implement a non-punitive grading policy for the spring semester. It is our intention that this policy will serve to avoid penalizing students whose studies were disrupted this semester due to the COVID-19 crisis while rewarding those students who are able to complete one or more of their spring semester classes successfully. 

The new grading policy establishes that:

No Fs will be assigned for 16 week, 12 week, and second mini session classes; grades from the first mini session will remain as entered. 

Students who have either stopped participating in a class or have continued participating but do not earn a passing grade in a class will receive a grade of WE from their instructor.

Students who earn a D for a 16 week, 12 week, or second mini session class will have the option to request that the D be converted to a WE after the end of the term (by June 1, 2020); a student who has a D converted to a WE will not be eligible to use that class to satisfy prerequisite or program completion requirements. 

Students who complete a class with a grade of A, B, or C will receive that grade at the end of the term.

To review the full policy statement, please click here .

Students wishing to request a grade change from D to WE after grades are posted will access the request form through their myCFCC portal:

  • Go to your myCFCC portal page.
  • From the Launchpad menu, click “Softdocs.” If prompted to log in, use the same login used to access myCFCC.
  • Click “Forms”
  • Select “REG-D to WE Request”
  • Complete the form, read the statement, check the box if in agreement.
  • Click “Submit.”

The deadline for students to request a grade change from D to WE is by June 1, 2020.

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