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Rules for Requesting Funds

Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee

Purpose: The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee was established to review and approve requests to fund leadership, cultural, educational, recreational, social, service and civic activities sponsored by active CFCC student clubs and organizations or by academic programs and departments

The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) is an internal committee within the Student Services and Enrollment Management Division. The role of the committee is to review and allocate student activity fee funds to student clubs/organizations, academic programs and/or departments for their programs and activities. The SAFAC strives to ensure that the final allocations are fair and represent the diversity of the campus community. The committee is composed of five members:

  1. Student Life Coordinator (Chair)
  2. Director of Athletics
  3. Student Representatives (2)
  4. Faculty Representative
  5. Staff Member

All SAFAC funding recommendations are subject to final approval by the Dean of Students.

The role of the SAFAC ensures collaboration and inclusivity in the process for reviewing budget requests and making recommendations for student activity fee allocations. The diverse composition of the committee serves as a safeguard that provides checks and balances among the constituency groups that are involved in the decision-making process. All student activity fund requests must go before the SAFAC to be approved; no funds will be allocated or distributed without the committee’s endorsement.

Student Fund Allocation Priorities

Allocation of student activity fees are consistent with the following priorities:

  1. Established programs that are institutionally supported and recognized. These are generally collaborative programs that enhance student life and/or improve the educational climate of the college.
  2. Funding shall be based on the merits of activities designed for and open to the entire college community
  3. SAFAC will not fund instructional activities, religious activities, charitable causes, partisan political activities or salaries for full-time or part-time staff/faculty.
  4. Funds allocated by SAFAC may not be used to grant scholarships, purchase alcoholic beverages, pay fees or fines or purchase text books for classes.
  5. Travel for competitions against students and/or teams from other colleges and universities; and student representation or presentations at regional and national conferences.
  6. Student organizations and clubs are encouraged to seek outside sources of income (i.e. dues, sponsorship, fund raising, etc.)

Note: In addition to the established priorities and before approving allocations of funds, the SAFAC will take into consideration the diversity of student clubs/organizations represented on campus and work to ensure that the distribution of these funds provides the maximum benefit for all students.


  1. No student activity fee funds shall be used by any person or eligible student club/organization for the personal benefit of any of its members, other persons or another club/organization.
  2. Student activity fee funds shall not be used to finance, support or influence the voting on any governmental issue at any level and funds may not be used to influence public opinion or legislation.
  3. All eligible student clubs/organizations receiving funds from the student activity fee are subject to the general regulations set forth by CFCC and the North Carolina Community College System
  4. A separate club/organization account will be established. The Business Office maintains the funds for clubs/organizations until such time as the club draws from them.
  5. Respective club funds may be expended using CFCC’s established purchasing guidelines only. These guidelines ensure that those persons (CFCC Advisor) within the club/organization are authorized by the College to administer the funds and follow CFCC purchasing guidelines for all business transactions.
  6. Any club/organization found to be abusing the student activity fee funds may be ineligible for further allocations of funds during the remaining portion of the academic year. Additionally, the SAFAC committee may find the club/organization ineligible to receive student activity fee funds for the following academic year.

Funding Decision Factors

The SAFAC will use several general criteria in the evaluation of budget requests. They are as follows:

  1. The quality and thoroughness of the written applications. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the application is completed thoroughly and in its entirety.
  2. Funding decisions and allocations will be made in a viewpoint-neutral manner and will not be done because of an activity/organization’s point of view or message.

Funding Allocation Process

Applicants are required to outline plans for proposed activities; including dates, locations, and budget. If the application is from a club/organization, plans should be reviewed and approved by club/organization advisors. The CFCC Club/Organization Activity Funds Request Form must be submitted online 3 weeks prior to the date funds are needed.

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