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Office of Student Success

Welcome to the Office of Student Success!

The Office of Student Success focuses on assisting students throughout their studies at CFCC.

Our aim is to improve student persistence, achievement, and completion.

To accomplish these goals, The Success Team will focus on:
  • Proactive academic advising
  • Required coaching for students on warning and probation
  • Academic monitoring through Avisio Retention System
  • Building Financial Literacy Skills

Goals of Title III Grant

Institutional Management
To provide targeted interventions to support at-risk student populations in order to improve these populations’ degree completion rates.

Academic Programs
To enhance CFCC’s academic advising services in order to improve first-year student persistence rates.

Fiscal Stability
To mitigate revenue loss from decreased curriculum enrollment by increasing students’ persistence and progression.

Funds for the Office of Student Success are provided by the Title III part A Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP). More information on the Title III Programs can be found at the Department of Education and Title III Programs .

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