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Wilmington Community Human Library

diverse group of people with books

Would you like to be a “book” in our Human Library?

Randall Library at UNC Wilmington, the New Hanover County Public Library system, and the Cape Fear Community College Library are pleased to be hosting a Human Library event on Saturday, May 16, 2020. The event will be held in the Pine Room at the Northeast Branch of the NHCPL, and will be free to the public.

A Human Library is an event in which human Books meet with curious Readers to answer questions about their identities and lives. It’s a space where one-on-one conversations are used to challenge stigma, stereotypes, and bias, bringing together people who might not ordinarily sit down at the same table. The range of possible book “titles” is nearly limitless, but examples of titles that have been featured in previous events include everything from “Bipolar” to “HIV+” to “Refugee.” Get to know some of the titles featured on the official Human Library Organization website .

We’re currently seeking volunteer Books from frequently stereotyped, stigmatized, or minority populations to share their stories in casual but meaningful conversations at our event.

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