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CFCC to Offer UNC TEACCH Autism Program this Summer

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019
t-step program

Cape Fear Community College is pleased to announce its recent partnership with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to offer the TEACCH® Autism Program (T-STEP) this summer.

The T-STEP is a free intervention developed to support transition to employment and post-secondary education for 16-21-year-olds with Autism Spectrum Disorder who will or have received a standard course of study high school diploma. The program covers seven transition skills modules grouped into four intervention areas: goals-setting skills, executive function skills, emotion regulation skills, and social skills for college and work.

The summer session starts June 17.

For more information about the program, visit or contact Eva Scardina-Keele, Business Service Coordinator at 910-843-9505 or

CFCC Student Art Show Winners Selected and Artwork Chosen for NCCCS Office

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

The Cape Fear Community College Student Art Show exhibition held from April 1 through May 3 at the Wilma W. Daniels Gallery featured over 70 student artists and more than 150 pieces of artwork. The exhibit included paintings, drawings, printmaking, photography, ceramics, metals, and jewelry. Winners and honorable mentions were selected from each category.

Two pieces (shown below) were chosen for the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) office’s permanent collection.

“We are very proud of our student artists who have worked extremely hard this semester to achieve their creative goals and to meet the demands of their instructors,” said CFCC Dean of Arts and Humanities Brandon Guthrie. “As evidenced by this impressive exhibit of student work, our Associate in Fine Arts students have gleaned the skills and knowledge necessary to excel at the university level and as artists in the community.”

She Said...after hurricane Florence

“She Said…after hurricane Florence” by CFCC student, Gabrielle Ackley.

Watercolor and pen ink drawing

A Watercolor/pen & ink drawing by Jack Estep and Kasey Lewis.



1st  – “Alister in Wonderland” –  Kasey Lewis
2nd – “Male Portrait” –  Abbey Hunt
3rd – ‘Sargent Master Copy” –  Ryan McGinnis
Honorable – ‘Master Copy of Meadow’ –  Jessie Robertson

1st – “The Ponderer” – Sophie Gajewski
2nd – “California Landscapes” – Anna Lawrence
3rd –  “Luminance” –  Lydia King
Honorable – “Untitled” – Keagan McCall

1st – “Portrait of Rylee” –  Kristen Simmons
2nd – “Hive Print” –  Anna Lawrence
3rd – “Hands” – Maxwell Reinbachs
Honorable – “Resurgence” –  Kristen Simmons

1st – “Untangling” – Jordan Mount
2nd – “Winter Us” –  LouAnn Liverman
3rd – “Hurricane” – Kristian Cannady
Honorable – “Pause” – Denisi Walker

1st –  “Minimal Two” (really the whale set-4)  – Lucia Martin
2nd – “4 Eyed Face” – Arrow Ross
3rd – “Sacred Vessels” – Michelle Muns
Honorable – “Moche Stirrip Frog Pot” – Jessie Robertson

1st –   “Heavens & Earth” –  Beth Ann Shipley
2nd – “Blue Bird” –  Lisa Cheramie
3rd – “To Crush of Gravity” – James Evans
Honorable – “Black Skimmer Pendant” – Jill Peleuces

1st – “Nested Thoughts” – Emma Wilson
2nd – “The Mechanism” – Jasmine Paz-Martinez
3rd – “Redward” – Devon Woodrum
Honorable – “Study in Stone” – James Evans
Honorable – “Stone Heart”  –  Abbey Hunt

1st – “Junkyard Joy” –  Jack Estep
2nd – “Ribbon Dance” –   Rachel Cox
3rd – “Friend or Faux” –   Hayden Hill
Honorable – “Flaming Houses” –   Lydia King
Honorable – “Achromatic Orchid” – Lisa Cheramie

1st – “Dream Algorithm” –  Peyton Smith
2nd – “Important” –   Rachel Cox
3rd – “Photosynthesis” –  Emily Tootoo
Honorable – “Passenger” –  Audrey Jarrett

“Where the Wild Things Go” – Jack Estep

"Where the Wild Things Are"

“Where the Wild Things Are” Ink and watercolor on paper by Jack Estep


Gabriele Ackley
Harry Antoniades
Megan Ashworth
Kristina Ayala
Kelli Bagwell
Mckalynn Barker
Amanda Barnette
Samantha Blackburn
Kristian Cannady
Sabrina Caraballo
Robert Carl
Lisa Cheramie
Jacob Clayton
Akira Collins
Rachel Cox
Christopher Diaz
Jane Durden
Hannah Edwards
Jack Estep
James Evans
Sophie Gajewski
Cole Gibson
Alissa Gordon
Devon Hamerski
Joshua Harrell
Amanda Heitchue
Hayden Hill
Willward Hughes
Abbey Hunt
Audrey Jarrett
Lydia King
Sidney Klein
Amanda Kortan
Elena Lau
Anna Lawrence
Kathryn Lewis
LouAnne Liverman
Lucia Martin
Matthias Christopher Mattingly
Keagan McCall
Ryan McGinness
Justin Mebane
Michaela Messenger
Karen Moody
Jordan Mount
Michelle Muns
Summer Nicholson
Matthew Noel
Jasmine Paz-Martinez
Jill Peleuses
Anna Pennington
Jimmy Perla
Christopher Price
Maxwell Reinbachs
Deandre Robbins
Jessie Robertson
Karla Rosa
Arrow Ross
Joseph Sharp
Beth Ann Shibley
Amber Shoulders
Kristen Simmons
Samantha Slezak
Peyton Smith
Caroline Stuart
Emily Tootoo
Gabrielle Valentino
Eric Vanleuven
Denisi Walker
Christina Whaley
Emma Wilson
Tate Wood
Devon Woodrum
Peyton Zino

To learn more about humanities and fine arts at Cape Fear Community College, visit


Thursday, May 16th, 2019
FAFSA Nights
Need assistance with your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2019-20 academic year? The CFCC Financial Aid Office is here to help!
Note: Assistance for Spanish-speaking students will be offered at both events. 
There are two FAFSA Nights scheduled later this month:
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 
5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Wilmington Campus
Union Station – Sea Devil Enrollment Center Room #154
Parking is available at the CFCC Nutt Street Parking Deck 
Thursday, May 30, 2019
5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
North Campus
McKeithan Center – Room #303
What you’ll need to bring:
  • (If obtained) FSA username and password
  • 2017 tax information
  • If under 24-years-old, bring a parent or guardian with you

78-Year-Old Woman Graduates CFCC Early Childhood Education Program

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Louise Boney

“It is never too late, at any age, to complete your education or improve yourself through education,” said Louise Boney, 78. This is the inspiration Louise hopes to give her 11 grandchildren as she receives her Associate in Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Cape Fear Community College this spring.

After high school, Louise never had the opportunity to pursue her dream of being a teacher. A short time spent in retirement following her time as an activity director at a nursing home, she decided retirement was not for her and took a part-time job at Wilmington Christian Academy.

At 78, Louise has completed her associate’s degree and through her hard work and perseverance — a destructive hurricane, losing her home, and relocating three times — has maintained a 4.0 GPA.

Through her journey, she wants her grandchildren to know “education provides opportunities and keeps all avenues open for your future. I want them to know the importance of education and to inspire them to be leaders and never stop striving for improvement. I hope watching me walk across the stage will show them that anything is possible through motivation and hard work.”

After graduation, Louise will continue doing what she loves — teaching three-year-olds at Wilmington Christian Academy, now equipped with a new education, skill set, resources, and experiences from which to draw.

“It is so rewarding to help young children get an early start on their education and it makes my day to get a hug and hear, “Miss Louise, I love you.”

CFCC Grad Embarks on a Career at Sea

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Paige McCaleb

“I loved living by the water, so I decided to go back to school for training that would get me there,” said Paige McCaleb, soon-to-be graduate of the Marine Technology program at Cape Fear Community College.

Prior to this realization, Paige worked as an esthetician, waitress, and bartender. After ten years living in Savannah, Georgia she knew she had a heart for the sea. She then stumbled across the marine technology program at CFCC. “I knew from our very first cruise off-shore that I had found the perfect fit for me,” said McCaleb.

Paige will graduate with an Associate in Applied Science in Marine Technology this May and two days later, move to Lafayette, Louisiana to begin her career at sea as an offshore surveyor with Furgo, a global Geo-data company. As an offshore surveyor, Paige will help deploy autonomous underwater vehicles, otherwise known as AUVs, to map the ocean floor and use the data to find suitable locations for wind farms and oil rigs.

Paige acclaims the marine technology program, its students and alumni for their unyielding support, “employers know about this program,” said Paige. “Students get awesome positions and are trusted to do big jobs because of the reputation of this program.”

Dreaming of a career on the water? Request more information today about the marine technology program.

From Difficult Diagnoses to Landing Her Dream Job

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

After earning her Associate in General Education from Cape Fear in 2016, Victoria Morrison was diagnosed with epilepsy, a central nervous system disorder, and Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism — a disease that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid cells. Academic achievement was the one thing Victoria knew would help her. To her, the excitement that came from excellent grades outperformed all other therapeutic attempts.

In the summer of 2017, she received an acceptance letter in the mail from the CFCC Pharmacy Technology program. This opportunity for academic success coupled with the chance to embark on a new career path offered Victoria an instrument to heal from the discovery of her newfound illnesses. With Fall 2017 just around the block, Victoria started piecing her life together — she decided her career path and potential, future workplace, began living a healthier lifestyle and got engaged to her high school sweetheart (also a CFCC graduate).

Now, less than two weeks from graduation, Victoria is employed by a hospital pharmacy, which was her plan. She credits CFCC for helping her find her passion, “In some of the hardest moments of my life, CFCC has helped me strive for better,” said Victoria. “Seeing good grades, instructors’ smiles, and my classmates thrive has given me hope. Four years ago I felt I did not have much hope. But I am here today full of hope, happiness, and prosperity.”

“I am excited to wake up tomorrow and go to the wonderful job that I learned so much about at CFCC. I am excited to go to school on Monday and take two exams because those are some of the last exams I will ever take. I can truly say that I will miss CFCC.”

Once a Sea Devil, always a Sea Devil.

Learn more about the pharmacy technology program >>