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Student Spotlight: Codey Puttkamer

Meet Codey Puttkamer, a student veteran at Cape Fear Community College whose journey weaves through the discipline of electronics maintenance in the Marine Corps to an unexpected passion for horticulture. During his six years in the Marines, Codey was trained as an electronics maintenance repairman. He tackled a diverse range of non-flying electronic equipment, including  Read More

From Personal Enrichment to an Associate in Fine Arts Degree

When life took an unexpected turn at the height of the pandemic, musician and photographer Sterling Powers discovered a new path for her creative expression. Traveling the globe with her Air Force husband, Sterling easily found work wherever they were located. However, in July 2020, finding work as a musician was a struggle since many  Read More

Student Spotlight: Madison Nordmiller

University Transfer student Madison Nordmiller stands out as a passionate advocate for psychology, student involvement, and mental health awareness. She is a driven individual making the most of her time at CFCC. As an active participant in student government and clubs on campus, Madison strives to connect with her fellow students. One of Madison’s goals  Read More

Student Spotlight: Jade Payton

Meet Jade Payton, a true hometown girl born and raised in Wilmington. Making waves in her academic journey, Jade has embarked on a dual enrollment path at Southeast Area Technical High School (Sea-Tech) and CFCC. She achieved the impressive feat of completing all her high school credits and is now fully focused on her degree  Read More

Student Spotlight: Michelle Oakman

Michelle Oakman, a former professional ballerina in California, saw her career abruptly halted by the unforeseen disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. In search of a more affordable lifestyle, she made the bold decision to relocate to North Carolina. Michelle’s dance connections played a pivotal role in her journey. Through these connections, she came across a  Read More

Student Spotlight: Amanda Ingrassia

Amanda Ingrassia harbors a lifelong passion for languages that traces back to her childhood. From as early as fourth grade, Amanda took it upon herself to learn American Sign Language, drawing knowledge from books and online resources. DISCOVERING HER CALLING By actively engaging with the deaf community, Amanda sought opportunities to practice signing with members  Read More

Dayana Camposeco’s Journey from Fine Arts to Digital Innovation

Dayana Camposeco, a remarkable student at CFCC, embodies the intersection of passion and innovation. Initially drawn to the world of fine arts, Dayana embarked on their academic journey with an artist’s heart, seeking to express their creativity through captivating photographs. However, their path took an unexpected turn when they enrolled in a Python course that  Read More

Mom of two pursues career in paralegal technology at CFCC

Jessica Carroll dedicated 15 years of her life as a US Postal Service mail carrier but grew tired of the job’s limitations and weather conditions. During her years in the postal service, Jessica harbored a deep fascination for law and legislation. Recognizing the need for change, she took the courageous step to pursue her passion.  Read More

Shining a Light on Electrical Apprenticeships: Meet Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor’s journey has been marked by determination and adaptability. After welcoming a new member into her family, Sam realized that the demanding hours of working in a kitchen were not conducive to her role as a parent. She shifted gears and sought out office jobs, where she found employment as an office manager at  Read More

Student Spotlight: Meadow Hall

Meet Meadow Hall, a CFCC Advertising and Graphic Design student, who discovered her passion thanks to a neighbor who also teaches at CFCC. She’s now making waves as an intern at a local surf shop, where she creates striking flyers, email newsletters, and t-shirt designs. Her story showcases the impact of mentorship and hands-on experience  Read More
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