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Mom of two pursues career in paralegal technology at CFCC

Jessica Carroll dedicated 15 years of her life as a US Postal Service mail carrier but grew tired of the job’s limitations and weather conditions. During her years in the postal service, Jessica harbored a deep fascination for law and legislation. Recognizing the need for change, she took the courageous step to pursue her passion.  Read More

Shining a Light on Electrical Apprenticeships: Meet Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor’s journey has been marked by determination and adaptability. After welcoming a new member into her family, Sam realized that the demanding hours of working in a kitchen were not conducive to her role as a parent. She shifted gears and sought out office jobs, where she found employment as an office manager at  Read More

Student Spotlight: Meadow Hall

Meet Meadow Hall, a CFCC Advertising and Graphic Design student, who discovered her passion thanks to a neighbor who also teaches at CFCC. She’s now making waves as an intern at a local surf shop, where she creates striking flyers, email newsletters, and t-shirt designs. Her story showcases the impact of mentorship and hands-on experience  Read More

CFCC student turns in her desk job for a hands-on career

Meet Eugenia Bailey, a determined individual who embarked on a journey of career change as a wife, mother, and aspiring Machining Technology student. Seeking a path that would challenge her intellect and engage her hands-on skills, Eugenia turned to Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) to explore various options available. With a clear vision and a  Read More

CFCC mechatronics student turns Corning Technician Pipeline apprentice

CJ Jones knew he wanted a career that would still bring him fulfillment and purpose that would keep him close to home. He ventured into exploring various career options. Undeterred, CJ resolved to enhance his skillset and uncover new opportunities by enrolling in classes at CFCC. QUEST FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVANCEMENT AT CFCC CJ kickstarted his  Read More

Student Spotlight: Mya Goodman

Mya’s story is one of artistic growth, personal transformation, and the intricate interplay between family ties and personal ambitions. Hailing from the state of New Jersey, Mya’s creative pursuits took root during her middle school years, when she first ventured into art classes as a hobby. As fate would have it, a significant shift led  Read More

CFCC grad completes associate degree after 32-year-gap

After a gap of 32 years, Curtis Thompson’s journey has reached a remarkable milestone as he completes his associate degree. Originally from Plymouth, NC, Curtis Thompson’s love for the vibrant charm of Wilmington, where he vacationed during his youth, led him to make the life-changing move for a refreshing change of scenery. Curtis found himself  Read More

Graduate spotlight: Autumn Ambrose

Autumn Ambrose, originally from Long Island, New York, made a life-changing decision to enroll at CFCC. After experiencing anxiety in traditional public schools and feeling overwhelmed by large classrooms and making new friends, Autumn knew it was time for a change. With the pandemic shifting classes to online platforms, Autumn saw it as the perfect  Read More

CFCC student veteran transfers to NC State with Goodnight Scholarship

Jimmy Nicholas was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and immigrated to California with his family at the age of 2. They moved around the United States before eventually settling in Wilmington. In 2017, he made the decision to join the Army and successfully completed boot camp while in high school. His dedication to  Read More

CFCC student rediscovers her love of science

Maggie Vaughan’s journey took an unexpected turn after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in biology in 2012. Originally aspiring to attend veterinary school, life’s circumstances led her to work as a finance manager for a local truck dealership. Despite the change in career trajectory, her dream of becoming a veterinarian never faded. In the summer of  Read More
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