To qualify for Disability Support Services, students must self-disclose and furnish up-to-date documentation of their disabilities. The documentation must include a diagnostic statement, document the functional impact of the disability, include recommendations for accommodations and state the credentials of the diagnosing professional. Students are asked to give a statement regarding how their disabilities impact their access to programs and activities of the College. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis. Inquiries regarding appropriate documentation should be directed to the Coordinator of Disability Services.

Please follow this link to determine what documentation you will need:

Types of Disabilities

Requests for Accommodations

Students should make requests for accommodations when registering with Disability Support Services. If classroom adaptations, interpreters, or academic aides are necessary to participate in class, advanced notice of 4 weeks is required to coordinate such services.

Accommodation Letters

Students will receive an accommodation letter from Disability Services. Based on the students documented needs, and it will be their responsibility for communicating eligibility for these or other reasonable accommodations confidentially to their instructors via this form. No accommodations will be provided without these forms being distributed to instructors and accommodations are not retroactive.

Requests for accommodation letters can be found here:

Accommodation Letter Request Form