Automotive Systems Technology

The curriculum prepares individuals for employment as automotive service technicians. It provides an introduction to automotive careers and increases student awareness of the challenges associated with this fast and ever-changing field. Classroom and lab experiences integrate technical and academic coursework. Emphasis is placed on theory, servicing and operation of brakes, electrical/electronic systems, engine performance, steering/suspension, automatic transmission/trans axles, engine repair, climate control, and manual drive trains. Upon completion of this curriculum, students should be prepared to take the ASE exam and be ready for full-time employment in dealerships and repair shops in the automotive service industry.

Associate in Applied Science Program (A60160)

General Education Courses

Course Number Course Name Semester Hour Credits
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
Humanities/Fine Art Elective 3
MAT 110 Math Measurement & Literacy 3
Social/Behavioral Sci. Elect. 3
Communications Elect. 3

Major Courses

Course Number Course Name Semester Hour Credits
AUT 116 Engine Repair 3
AUT 116A Engine Repair Lab 1
AUT 123 Powertrain Diagnosis/Service 2
AUT 141 Suspension & Steering Sys. 3
AUT 141A Suspension & Steering Lab 1
AUT 151 Brake Systems 3
AUT 151A Brake Systems Lab 1
AUT 163 Adv. Electricity/Electronics 3
AUT 163A Adv. Electricity/Electronics Lab 1
AUT 181 Engine Performance I 3
AUT 181A Engine Performance I Lab 1
AUT 212 Auto Shop Management 3
AUT 213 Automotive Servicing II 2
AUT 221 Automatic Trans./Transaxles 3
AUT 221A Automatic Trans./Transaxles Lab 1
AUT 231 Manual Trans/Ax/Drivetrains 3
AUT 231A Manual Trans/Ax/Drivetrains Lab 1
AUT 281 Adv. Engine Performance 3
TRN 110 Intro To Transport Technology 2
TRN 120 Basic Transport Electricity 5
TRN 130 Intro to Sustainable Transport 3
TRN 140 Transport Climate Control 2
TRN 140A Transport Climate Control Lab 2
TRN 145 Advanced Transport Electronics 3
CIS 111 Basic PC Literacy 2

Total Credits: 72

Recommended Course Sequence

Semester I
Semester I
Semester I
Semester II
Semester II
AUT 151 AUT 141 AUT 181 AUT 116 AUT 221
AUT 151A AUT 141A AUT 181A AUT 116A AUT 221A
TRN 110 AUT 163 AUT 212 AUT 123 AUT 231
TRN 120 AUT 163A TRN 140 AUT 281 AUT 231A
COM Elective AUT 213 TRN 140A MAT 110 ENG 111
CIS 111 HUM/FA Elective TRN 145 TRN 130
Soc/Behav. Science Elect.

 Automotive Systems Technology Diploma (D60160)

Semester I
Semester I
Semester I
AUT 151 AUT 181 AUT 141
AUT 151A AUT 181A AUT 141A
TRN 110 AUT 212 AUT 163
TRN 120 TRN 140 AUT 163A
ENG 111 TRN 140A AUT 213
MAT 110

Total Credits: 38


Automotive Systems Technology Certificate (C60160)

Semester I
Semester I
Semester I
AUT 151 AUT 141 TRN 140
AUT 151A AUT 141A TRN 140A
TRN 110 CIS 111

Total Credits: 16