Screening Appointment

Your first visit to our clinic will be for a screening appointment. During this half hour appointment a student will review your medical and dental history, monitor and record your pulse and blood pressure and determine the complexity of your dental hygiene needs. Your teeth will NOT be cleaned at this appointment and there is no charge for screening. Screening must be performed on all adult patients who have not been seen in our clinic.

Making Appointments

After you have been screened, your name will be placed on a patient list. The students rely on this list when selecting a patient with the classification they need to meet semester requirements. If you are selected as a patient, it will take from one to five appointments, depending upon your classification. If a student contacts you to make an appointment, be sure to write down the appointment date, time, student’s name and telephone number in case you need to contact the student concerning your appointment.

Cleaning Appointments

Your cleaning appointment may take 2 to 3 hours. Usually, more than one appointment is required to complete treatment. If you do not have time to allow the student to complete your cleaning please do not begin treatment. Students receive credit only for those patients whose treatment they complete. If time is a problem, we suggest that you seek treatment in a private dental office. The fee for treatment at CFCC Clinic remains the same, regardless of the number of appointments required to complete a phase of treatment.


There is no additional charge for cavity detection x-rays. If it is determined that you need a full mouth series or a panorex, the student will ask for your permission and advise you of the fee. All x-rays that are diagnostically acceptable will be sent to the dentist of your choice within 2-3 weeks of the appointment. Please provide the student with the name and address of your dentist.


It is very important that you arrive promptly for each appointment. Our students must complete a certain number of patients each semester. Your failure to keep an appointment could result in a student not graduating. All cancellations and no-show appointments will be recorded in your chart. Any patient who fails to keep two appointments, without adequate notice, will not be scheduled for further care in our clinic. You are expected to give a minimum of 48 hours notice if you must reschedule an appointment.


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