2016-2017 Board of Trustees of Cape Fear Community College

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees


Bill Turner
Mr. William R. Turner, Jr. – Wilmington
Mary Lyons Rouse
Ms. Mary Lyons Rouse – Wilmington
Vice Chair
John Babb
Mr. John R. Babb – Wilmington
Jonathan Barfield
Mr. Jonathan Barfield – Wilmington
Louis Burney
Mr. Louis A. Burney, Jr. – Wilmington
Ann David
Ms. Ann M. David – Wilmington
Zander Guy
Mr. A.D. “Zander” Guy – Surf City
Jason Harris
Mr. Jason C. Harris – Wilmington
Mr. Jimmy R. Hopkins – Wilmington
Chuck Kays
Dr. Charles R. Kays – Wilmington
John Melia
Mr. John F. Melia – Wilmington
David Ray
Mr. David L. Ray – Wilmington
Matt White
Mr. Matson F. White – Wilmington
Kyle Bullock
Kyle Bullock – SGA President