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Board of Trustees

Mr. Bill Cherry, Chair

Mr. Bill Cherry, Chair – Wilmington
Mr. Bruce Shell, Vice Chair

Mr. Bruce Shell, Vice Chair – Wilmington
Mr. Jonathan Barfield

Mr. Jonathan Barfield – Wilmington
Mr. Robby Collins

Mr. Robby Collins – Wilmington
Mr. A.D.

Mr. A.D. “Zander” Guy – Surf City
Mr. Jimmy R. Hopkins

Mr. Jimmy R. Hopkins – Wilmington
Ms. Deborah Maxwell

Ms. Deborah Maxwell – Wilmington
Mr. Jason McLeod

Mr. Jason McLeod – Wilmington
Mr. E. Bruce Moskowitz

Mr. E. Bruce Moskowitz – Wilmington
Deloris Rhodes

Deloris Rhodes – Wilmington
Mr. Bill Rivenbark

Mr. Bill Rivenbark – Wilmington
Ms. Mary Lyons Rouse

Ms. Mary Lyons Rouse – Wilmington
Ms. Paula Sewell

Ms. Paula Sewell – Wilmington
President, CFCC SGA

President, CFCC SGA – Miguel Nandlal
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