Nuclear Technology

Associate In Applied Science

The Nuclear Technology program prepares individuals to become qualified reactor field technicians who are employed by licensed nuclear reactor facilities.


All Nuclear Technology academic courses are taught at the CFCC North Campus.  The six semester track begins each Fall Semester. The program includes on the job training as a co-op at a nuclear facility. GE-Hitachi  and Duke Energy are two possibilities for the co-op semester. Positions with GE-Hitachi offers students the opportunity to travel to various commercial nuclear power plants to participate in refueling outages, while Duke Energy will be “in plant” positions.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates are typically employed in entry level positions with nuclear plant maintenance contractors or electric utilities. Starting pay is typically between $15 and $20 per hour. There is significant overtime potential as well as expense-paid travel to nuclear power stations both inside the US and internationally. Other opportunities include transferring to a 4-year Bachelor of Science program and the nuclear Navy (submarines and aircraft carriers).

Nuclear Technology Program Brochure

Nuclear Technology Courses

Associate in Applied Science Program Credits Contact
Fall I
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers 3 4
EGR 115 Intro to Technology 3 5
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3 3
ISC 112 Industrial Safety 2 2
MAT 121 Algebra/Trigonometry I 3 4
NUC 110 Nuclear Reactor Systems 3 3
17 21
Spring I
ELC 131 Circuit Analysis I 4 6
ISC 121 Environmental Health and Safety 3 3
MAT 122 Algebra/Trig II 3 4
MEC 130 Mechanisms 3 4
NUC 120 Nuclear Reactor Theory 4 4
 17  21
Summer I
ELC 213 Instrumentation 4 5
PHY 131 Physics – Mechanics  4  5
WLD 112 Basic Welding Processes 2 4
 10  14
Fall II
ENG 114 Prof Research & Report 3 3
HUM 115 Critical Thinking 3 3
MEC 265 Fluid Mechanics 3 4
PHY 132 Physics-Elec & Magnetism 4 5
13 15
Spring II
 WBL 111 Work-based Learning I 1 10
 1  10
Summer II
ISC 130 Intro to Quality Control 3 3
NUC 130 Applied NDE-Nuclear 2 3
Soc/Behav Sci. Elec 3 3
WLD 143 Welding Metallurgy 2 3
10 12

 Fitness For Duty

This program includes a work-based learning course at a nuclear power plant that requires students to meet federal regulations for fitness for duty and access authorization. Prior to registering for any work-based learning opportunity, students must complete a background check, random drug screening and psychological assessment. CFCC has agreements with service providers of this process and students will be charged a fee that totals less than $150. Contact the lead instructor of Nuclear Technology for more details.