Cape Fear Association of Nursing Students

CFANS is Cape Fear Community College’s Association of Nursing Students including: ADN, RIBN, LPN-RN, and Pre-Nursing students.

The objectives were the following:
1.) Promote interest in professional nursing organizations
2.) Prepare nursing students for participation and membership in the professional nursing organizations.
3.) Establish a better graduate-student relationship
4.) Promote unity and fellowship and encourage student government in schools of nursing
5.) Prepare nursing students and graduates for problems affecting nursing and community affairs
6.) Become familiar with parliamentary procedures and preside at meetings
7.) To stimulate leadership
8.) Cooperate with professional organizations in the recruitment of nursing students
9.) Afford opportunities to discuss student problems

For more information contact Club Advisors:
Julia Gore                                       Mary Jo Hovey
Nursing Instructor                          Nursing Instructor                    
910-362-7675                                 910-362-7074
U-362                                               U347

Student Clubs and Activities Contact

Chris Libert

Chris Libert
Assistant Director
Student Activities/Athletics