Political Science Club

The PSC promotes interest in politics and political science and provides political science students with new opportunities to explore the world of politics as a possible profession. Such opportunities will include model UN’s, Arab League’s and OAS’s. The club engages in approved fundraising efforts to pay for the costs of trips to these events when such opportunities may arise.

The club will also act as a debate society where members will be permitted to discuss issues of politics and political science in greater detail and with individuals who may possess differing opinions and ideologies.

Finally the club will seek to interact with the wider community by engaging in charitable and philanthropic activities. Such engagement will help club members better understand the real-world impact that political decision may have on the society at large.


Club Advisor: Nelson G. Beaulieu
Email: ngbeaulieu047@mail.cfcc.edu
Phone: 910-362-7811
Office A 409

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Chris Libert

Chris Libert
Assistant Director
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