Blackboard FAQ

I logged into Blackboard, but can’t see my course!

Courses become available on the first day of class. However, to see an example of an online course you can still browse the Student Tutorial and Library Resources in the meantime. After the first day of class, if you still cannot see your course, contact the IT Student Help at 910-362-7778 for assistance.

Is the Student Tutorial required?

Some instructors may require you to take it and assign a grade. If this is the case, the instructor will tell you on the first day of class in the syllabus or an announcement. Required or not, it is still a good resource for the first-time online student.

What is online etiquette (or netiquette)?

View this page for information.

How do I post on the Discussion Board?

For detailed instructions, watch these videos on how to post and create a new thread on the Discussion Board:

How do I submit an assignment, homework, etc. through Blackboard?

View this tutorial for submitting assignments through Blackboard.

How do I submit an assignment, homework, etc. through Blackboard with SafeAssign?

View this tutorial for submitting assignments through Blackboard:

Any advice for taking a test online?

If possible, take your test on a wired internet connection, instead of wireless. It is possible for (although rare) wireless connections to drop out during a test, locking you out. Also, do not take a test on the Bb Mobile App. When submitting your answer only click the “Submit” once. A double click will result in an Access Denied error and will lock you out of the test. Click here to watch a video on test-taking:

I was taking a test and it froze/locked me out/etc. What do I do?

If possible, take a screen shot of the problem/error message you are receiving. This tutorial explains how to take a screenshot:

Next, contact your instructor immediately and explain the issue you had while taking the test. They are the only one who can reset the test for you. Neither IT nor the Online Learning department can reset the test. Additionally, each instructor may have their own rules on test-taking. Please read your course syllabus for more information.

Where are my grades?

In your course on Blackboard, on the left side navigation, click on “View Grades” or a similarly named button, to see any grades that has been assigned by your instructor. Additional help can be found here:

Some instructors do not make grades available through Blackboard. In those cases please direct questions to the instructor.

Note: Final grades will be in your student WebAdvisor account, not in Blackboard. To view your final grades, login to myCFCC, and click WebAdvisor. From there click Students and then Grade Point Average by Term.

Does Blackboard have a mobile app?

Yes, Blackboard does have a mobile app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices. The app is designed to be used as a quick way to stay connected to your online course. Do not use it to take a test. More information can be found here:

I need help with Blackboard after business hours.  Who do I contact?

The 24/7 Help Desk is available at the following page:

They can also be reached at: 1-877-708-2938