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Placement Testing and Waivers

Placement testing determines your academic readiness to take college-level English or math courses — or your readiness to take other classes that require English or math proficiency.

If you are a student with a documented disability in need of accommodations during your placement test, please contact the Disability Services Office prior to scheduling. The Disability Services Office is located in Union Station – 218 or can be reached at 910-362-7800 .

Important Note: Placement testing does not determine your eligibility to attend CFCC.

Determine if You Need Placement Testing

I plan to apply and enroll:

Sign Up to Take the Placement Test

Testing sessions are available every week the College is open. If you plan to take the English and math parts of the placement test, please allow 3-4 hours to complete your test. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early.

Prepare for the Placement Test
Despite whether you’ve recently taken an English or math course, review before taking the placement test can help you gain proficiency in as many sections of the test as possible and can help you maximize your success as a CFCC student!

Required parts of the placement test
Firefighter and EMT Applicant Placement Testing

If you are a Firefighter or EMT applicant, you will need to take the placement test as part of your application process. Firefighters and applicants to EMT Basic will need to take the English part of the test. Applicants for EMT Advanced/Paramedic will need to take English and Math Pt. 1 of the test. When reserving your spot for testing, EMTs can put EMT in the required box that asks for your CFCC ID#. Firefighters can put Firefighter in this box. EMTs and Firefighters are not required to have CFCC ID#s to test.