Skilled Trades

CFCC offers training and test prep courses for contractors, journeymen, and apprentices.

Power Line Technician Boot Camp
The Power Line Technician Program is a 10-week “boot camp” designed to prepare you for a challenging, interesting and HIGH PAYING career as an electric lineman. The 2016 median wage for experienced linemen was $60,800/year.

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General Contractors License Prep Class
Contact Phillip Brown at (910) 362-7319 or

Project Management for Construction – AGC
Contact Josh Davis at (910) 362-7187 or

Electrical Journeyman Prep
This course is designed to prepare students to successfully take the electrical journeyman test. Upon successful completion, students will have a full understanding of branch circuit and feeder calculations, service calculations, box and conduit fill calculations, conductor ampacity derations, grounding and bonding, motors and other concepts that are found on the Journeyman’s Test.

Electrical License Renewal
The following courses have each been approved by the North Carolina Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors and meet their continuing education requirements. Upon successful completion, students can use 8 hours towards renewing their Electrical Contractor’s license.

2017 NEC Code Changes
The course is designed to get the licensed electrical contractor up-to-date on the code changes in the 2017 NEC as well as the NC amendments.

Conductors and Wiring Methods
The course is designed to familiarize electrical contractors with the proper conductor ampacities and overcurrent devices and the wiring methods and their proper application as it applies to the job from chapters 2 and 3 in the 2014 NEC.

Motor Calculations
The course is designed to better equip the electrical contractor with the ability to calculate motor branch circuit feeders, tap conductors, overcurrent devices and motor control circuits.