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Economic Development Customized Training Program

What We Do

The Customized Training program supports the economic development efforts of the State by providing education, training and support services for eligible new, expanding and existing business and industry in North Carolina (G.S. 115D-5.1). The program goal is to foster and keep your company strong, profitable, and most importantly…in North Carolina when experiencing Job Growth, Technology Investment, and Productivity Enhancement.

How We Do It

Customized Training Programs will create success for your company and your employees by quickly responding to the industry’s changing skills needs. The program was developed in recognition of the fact that one of the most important factors for a business or industry considering locating, expanding, or remaining in North Carolina is the ability of the State to ensure the presence of a well-trained workforce. The program is designed to react quickly to the needs of businesses and to respect the confidential nature of proprietary processes and information within those businesses; thereby, making a significant difference in your company’s bottom line.

The purpose of the Customized Training Program is to provide customized training assistance in support of full-time production and direct customer service positions created in the State of North Carolina, thereby enhancing the growth potential of companies located in the state while simultaneously preparing North Carolina’s workforce with the skills essential to successful employment in emerging industries.

Who Is Eligible

Those businesses and industries eligible for support through the Customized Training Program include Manufacturing, Technology Intensive (i.e., Information Technology, Life Sciences), Regional or National Warehousing and Distribution Centers, Customer Support Centers, Air Courier Services, and National Headquarters with operations outside North Carolina.

In order to receive assistance, eligible businesses and industries must demonstrate two or more of the following criteria:

  • The business is making an appreciable capital investment;
  • The business is deploying new technology
  • The business is creating jobs, expanding an existing workforce, or enhancing the productivity and profitability of the operations within the State; and
  • The skills of the workers will be enhanced by the assistance.

Resources may support training assessment, instructional design, instructional costs, and training delivery for personnel involved in the direct production of goods and services. Production and technology support positions are also eligible for training support. Full-time probationary employees of qualified Customized Training companies are eligible for training delivered by Cape Fear Community College. Also, the use of Customized Training funds requires that trainees are paid by the company for all time during training hours.

Training Opportunities

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Serving New Hanover and Pender County Business and Industry

To discuss your project training needs and determine eligibility, please contact Jan R. Yokeley 910-362-7187 or . Office Location: Union Station 558, 411 North Front Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

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