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Alternative Format Order Form

This form is for students already registered with Disability Support Services and have Alternate Format as an approved accommodation.
  • Textbooks Requested for:

    Class Prefix: MAT171 | Section: NO2 | Instructor: M. Smith

  • Class Prefix:Section:Instructor: 
    • A digital copy of your textbook will be sent to your CFCC email address.
    • Processing your alternative textbook order may take up to 3 weeks.
    • You must provide the DSS office a copy of your receipt for your textbooks before digital copies can be distributed to you.
    • If a digital copy cannot be found, you may opt to have your textbook scanned. The process requires the book’s binding to be broken for scanning. The pages will be returned to you in a spiral binder. Re-sell is not guaranteed.
    • You MUST sign an agreement with DSS regarding the use of the alternate format material before the material will be released to you.