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Personal Attendant

Cape Fear Community College makes every reasonable effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. In keeping with this commitment, personal attendants who accompany individuals with disabilities documented through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) will be allowed entrance into the classroom.

An otherwise qualified student who requires personal attendant services must make arrangements for his/her attendant services. The College does not assume coordination or financial responsibilities for personal attendant services.

The student and attendant are both required to sign an agreement. The personal attendant will not be allowed entrance into the classroom until all parties review and sign the agreement. The student, attendant, and instructor will provide copies of the signed form. The original agreement will be kept on file in the SAS office.

The personal attendant:

  • Is not responsible for the student’s progress or behavior in a class.
  • Will not carry on conversations with the student during class.
  • Will not participate in class or engage or intervene in conversations between the student and faculty, staff or other students.
  • Will not discuss any confidential information about the student with faculty, staff, or students.
  • Will follow CFCC’s Student Code of Conduct (CFCC’s Student Code of Conduct can be found in the most current CFCC Course Catalog).

Students and personal attendants should follow applicable policies and procedures of CFCC, SAS, each classroom, and each instructor.

Contact a SAS staff member  for additional information on this process.

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