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Our Services

Students who qualify for  Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and have completed the registration process are encouraged to take full advantage of the services that SAS offers. Contact a SAS staff member  to learn more about the services described below, as well as additional supports that are available.

Accommodations for Class Requirements

The SAS office is charged with reviewing disability documentation and approving accommodations based on that documentation. Some possible accommodations that may be approved include, but are not limited to the following:

Coordination of Services

SAS staff work with students who are new to the college environment, those who are in their final semester, and everyone in between. Services that are approved are discussed at length with students and assistance is provided in coordinating those services.

Student Advocacy

Unlike high school, students are expected to self-advocate. The SAS office is always available to assist. Students are encouraged to meet with a SAS staff member to resolve issues when they arise.

Transition Services

SAS staff assist students in their transition from secondary school and help them navigate this new environment.  Assistance can also be provided when current students decide to transition to another higher education institution.

Contact a SAS Staff Member for additional information on these services.

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