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How to Get Accommodations at CFCC

1. Initial contact with Student Accessibility Services office.
2. Student provides SAS with verification of disability and completes request for accommodations form.

You can complete your request for accommodations in person at our office or online: Request for Accommodations Form

Disability Documentation Examples
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • CCA
  • CFCC Disability Verification Form
  • Physician’s Notes
  • Inpatient/Discharge Summaries

*An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) / 504 Plan from a public school may help establish a history of accommodations. However, it is not adequate on its own to document a disability.*

Find more information on documentation requirements here .

3. SAS reviews student documentation to ensure it supports the accommodations requested.

Documentation must support the accommodations requested!

  • A diagnosis does not guarantee eligibility for every accommodation requested.
  • You do not have to have a certain diagnosis to qualify for a particular accommodation.
    • E.g. students can qualify for extended time on tests diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disability, Anxiety, etc.
4. SAS contacts student to schedule a meeting to finalize accommodation plan.
  • Students are not considered to be registered with SAS until completion of this final meeting.
  • Students will receive their accommodation letter at this meeting.
  • Meetings are offered in-person, virtually, or over the phone.
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