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Register with SAS

To register with Student Accessibility Services, students must provide SAS with disability documentation and complete the request for accommodations form.

  • You have the option to submit your request for accommodations either in person at our office (Union Station – 218) or online via the Request for Accommodations Form
  • Have your treatment provider complete the SAS Disability Verification Form
  • OR

  • Submit copies of documentation that you already have. For example: Psychological Evaluation, CCA, Physician’s Notes, Inpatient/Discharge Summaries, Letter from your treatment provider, etc. For additional information on the required documentation, please refer to our documentation requirements page.
  • Documentation can be submitted in-person at the SAS office (Union Station – 218), via fax: 910-362-7113 or via email: sas@cfcc.edu

*Please note: An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) / 504 Plan from a public school may help establish a history of accommodations. However, it is not adequate on its own to document a disability.*

Once documentation is received, SAS reviews it to ensure it supports the accommodations requested.

Documentation must support the accommodations requested! SAS will contact you if additional documentation is needed to support the accommodations you have requested.

  • A diagnosis does not guarantee eligibility for every accommodation requested
  • Students can qualify for the same accommodations with different diagnoses
    • E.g. students can qualify for extended time on tests diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disability, Anxiety, etc.

If it has been more than 3 business days since you have submitted documentation to the SAS office and you have not heard from a member of our staff, please contact us at 910-362-7017 or sas@cfcc.edu .

After your documentation is reviewed, SAS will contact you to schedule a meeting to develop your accommodation plan.

  • Students are not considered to be registered with SAS until completion of this final meeting
  • Students will receive their accommodation letter at this meeting
  • Meetings are offered in-person, virtually, or over the phone
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