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CFCC beats lab club lets students discover their inner music producer

CFCC Beats LabAre you a music lover or a musician looking for an outlet to sample some new beats or compose your own rhythms? If so, CFCC’s Beats Lab Club may be the place for you.

You do not need any previous music lessons or particular musical skills to compose your own masterpiece. However, a little computer literacy will go a long way.

Orchestrating Real Sounds on a Virtual Instrument

CFCC’s Beats Lab is actually a room full of Mac computers instead of pianos and guitars. The lab welcomes visitors and members to grab a seat. Inside the lab individuals can learn from music instructor, Adam Moxley-White, how to navigate digital audio workstation (DAW) software such as Garage Band and a MIDI controller keyboard to create their own musical masterpiece.

Moxley-White brings 17 years of musical experience to the Beats Lab and his classroom. In addition to teaching Applied Brass and Music Appreciation at CFCC, Moxley-White plays trumpet with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra. He started working with DAWs and music production in 2015. And in 2021, after a few years of developing his skill with the programs, Moxley-White established the Beats Lab Club at CFCC to introduce students to a new approach to music.

“Beats Lab Club is a place for creators to work on their music projects in a common workspace,” Moxley-White shares. “Members collaborate and learn from each other how to make beats, mix, and produce. We all bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table.”

From Beginner to Expert

CFCC Beats Lab
In the Beats Lab, Moxley-White works with students of all musical backgrounds and skill levels.

One of those students is Ted McIntire, a retired Air Force veteran. Post military, McIntire decided he wanted to launch a video production company and specialize in creating commercials and promotional videos. Though the CFCC Film and Video Production Technology program was the perfect fit for McIntire’s academic interests, the Beats Lab provided him an avenue to explore creating his own music for his video creations— despite his lack of a musical background.

And thanks to his fellow students, McIntire discovered the Beats Lab Club and is on his way to creating royalty-free background music— without knowing how to play an instrument!

CFCC Beats LabAnother budding composer is Beats Lab Club member Dakota Marshall. Marshall is an Associate of Fine Arts – Music student. But unlike McIntire, he comes from a family of musicians. Marshall started learning guitar at nine years old. On fair weather days, Marshall can be found in CFCC’s amphitheater practicing with Moxley-White’s trumpet class. After graduation, Marshall plans to transfer to a university in Europe to become a composition major with a focus on screen music.

The Beats Lab Club serves as a great addition to Marshall’s composition plans. The lab provides Marshall a space to learn how to use the software and midi controller to write, record, and store his original music.

Whether you are a musician or simply a music lover, CFCC’s Beats Lab Club has something for every music enthusiast regardless of skill level. Contact Adam Moxley-White at or 910-362-7114 for more information.

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