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CFCC hires Sabrina Terry as new Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management

CFCC AFA-Visual Arts Grad Transfers from the Port City to the Windy City

CFCC Associate in Fine Arts-Visual Arts graduate Jack Estep admits to not being ready for a 4-year university right after high school. The CFCC Merit Scholar decided that Cape Fear Community College was a great juncture between high school and the university level. Not only was the cost more affordable, but classes were also smaller,  Read More

Meet One of Hulu’s Latest Stars: CFCC Drama Instructor Jack Landry

You may have noticed Hulu’s latest true-crime miniseries “Candy” while browsing the newly added section. What you may not have noticed is CFCC’s Drama Instructor, Jack Landry. The series stars Jessica Biel as the real-life Candy Montgomery, who was accused of the axe murder of her neighbor. Landry plays the role of Candy’s best friend’s  Read More

10 Top-Notch Movies Filmed in Wilmington

Ever wondered how Wilmington got the beloved nickname “Wilmywood?” Wilmington has been a mecca for the film industry for decades. Home to the largest film studio east of California, Wilmington’s nickname “Wilmywood” rings true to film buffs and producers alike. Check out some of the major film productions filmed right here in the Port City  Read More

Top-Paid Tech Jobs You Can Land with an Associate Degree— or Less

It should come as no surprise that the demand for tech jobs is growing as the need for technology increases. In fact, a new analysis by LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team ranked 15 U.S. metro areas that have shown the greatest increase in local tech talent over the past three years. Of those top 15 cities,  Read More

CFCC automotive systems instructor keeps students on pace with industry

After working in a salvage yard and tire shop for a few years, Thomas Butler decided he was ready to advance his career. That’s when he discovered Automotive Systems Technology at CFCC and enrolled in the associate degree program. In the early 1990s, Butler graduated from CFCC’s first two-year Automotive Systems Technology program. He immediately  Read More

CFCC offers tuition-free opportunity for eligible North Carolina high school grads

Wilmington, NC – Cape Fear Community College is excited to announce that eligible 2022 North Carolina high school graduates can have their tuition and fees covered at CFCC for up to two years. Through the North Carolina Longleaf Commitment Grant, North Carolina class of 2020, 2021, and 2022 high school graduates may be eligible to  Read More

Wilmington One Tree Hill Scenes

Besides its beautiful area beaches, historic downtown district, and overall southern charm, Wilmington, North Carolina boasts a booming film industry. One of the most notable productions was “One Tree Hill.” The hit drama television series is set in the fictional town of Tree Hill, North Carolina and follows the lives of half-brothers, Lucas Scott (Chad  Read More

CFCC English instructor inspires students through creative writing passion

Perhaps growing up in a suburb of the nation’s capital inspired CFCC English Instructor Dylan Patterson to consider studying law. However, working at a corporate law firm in D.C. convinced him that law was not for him. So, with a bachelor’s degree in English under his belt, Patterson joined his parents in Wilmington to figure  Read More

CFCC nursing grad returns as ADN instructor

CFCC Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) instructor Tamara Kavanaugh began her nursing education as an adult learner at CFCC, pursuing an Associate of Arts degree in business. Although her studies started smoothly, Kavanaugh faced a rough patch when up against an accounting class. With little interest and patience for accounting, Kavanaugh reevaluated her situation. She realized  Read More
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