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CFCC Marine Technology Grad Lands Job Before Graduation

Jeb Sylvia“I realized I wanted to do something I was really passionate about,” said Jeb Sylvia, soon-to-be CFCC graduate. After three years of working in the construction industry post-high school, Sylvia grew tired of his day-to-day work. That’s when he decided it was time to make a change.

Growing up with a love for fishing, Sylvia landed on Cape Fear’s Marine Technology program.

“It made sense to me for its accessibility and affordability. Also, the job outlook of students that come from Cape Fear’s Marine Technology program was much higher than other schools. It seemed like a prosperous route to go and I knew there would be plenty of job opportunities after graduation.”

While initially interested in the fisheries aspect of the marine technology program, Sylvia developed a greater interest in surveying and hands-on work with the program’s equipment and technologies.

“The amount of hands-on time we get learning about the software, hardware, and different systems is far beyond what I expected originally,” said Sylvia. “I feel I’m much more prepared now than I ever would have before to enter this workforce. The instructors did a really good job of giving individual students time with the equipment to be able to feel prepared and go out ahead of the competition.”

After his May 14 graduation, Sylvia will start his career as a hydrographic technician with SurvTech Solutions in Tampa, Florida. His focus will be on conducting surveys, using systems identical to those he trained within the program like the R2 Sonic and the EdgeTech 4125 side-scan sonar, among other sub-bottom profiling systems. Moreover, the experience he gained operating autonomous vehicles in the program will also be applied in his new job.

During his time in the program, Sylvia developed great relationships with his classmates and the instructors. “I got really close to the people I was around through the time we spent on either the Research Vessel Cape Hatteras and on the smaller boat. That teamwork and those relationships have been my favorite part about the program, as well as all the opportunities I got to work with the equipment. It’s so different from your normal classroom environment. Every day you’re doing something different and there’s a lot of variety.”

To anyone on the fence about enrolling in CFCC’s marine technology program, Sylvia says, “Take advantage of the amount of knowledge the faculty have. They know so much, have great experience in the field, and are so willing to help you learn and get you prepared to go into the industry. Pay attention, take everything they say to heart, and take advantage of everything they have to offer here.”

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