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Electrical Apprenticeship Student Spotlight: Victor Morales

Victor Morales

Immediately after high school, Victor Morales went to work for a farm in his hometown of Warsaw, NC. It didn’t take long for Morales to learn that farming wasn’t for him.

A Promising Career Path

Determined to start a new career path, Morales began working as an electrician’s helper for T.A. Woods Company , a Wilmington-based commercial construction company.

After a year of employment with T.A. Woods, the company approached Morales with an opportunity to expand his career trajectory. His manager told him about an apprenticeship program at CFCC where he could return to school, gain more training, and still work full-time with T.A. Woods— all while working toward his electrician’s journeyman license.

Morales agreed to sign up for CFCC’s Electrical Apprenticeship program. Through the program, Morales attends class at CFCC’s North Campus two nights per week to continue his education in electrical systems. The four-year program will equip Morales with the hours needed to sit for the journeyman license exam.

Return on Investment

One of the best parts for Morales is that T.A. Woods has paid all four years of tuition. T.A. Woods and other apprenticeship partners believe in investing in their employees by helping them achieve their career goals. While Morales could have learned on the job with T.A. Woods, the path to his journeyman license might take even longer to obtain.

Through the apprenticeship program, T.A. Woods knows that they have an employee who is well-versed in electrical code, compliance, and hands-on training.

“T.A. Woods has been very good to me,” shared Morales. “I am thankful for their support.”

Practical Application

The program is designed for full-time employees to attend class twice a week. During those two evenings, students progressively learn about electrical theory, installation, compliance, and the National Electrical Code. All of which students can take and apply at their jobs.

“My instructors are great, and this program has motivated me to become a better electrician,” Morales commented. “I have gained more confidence at my job. Thanks to the instruction that I have received, I know I am doing things by the book.”

If you are already working for an electrician, and want to advance your career, ask your employer about sponsoring you in CFCC’s Electrical Apprenticeship program.

If you are not currently working for an electrical contractor, contact Emily Holt at to learn more about registering and connecting with employers for interviews.

Electrical Apprenticeship Program

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