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Q&A with CFCC Alumnus, Nate Cook

Nate Cook

Nate Cook graduated from CFCC’s Film and Video Production Technology program in 2017. We asked Nate to share his experience in the program, where he is now, his advice to future Sea Devils, and more!

Were you involved in student activities at CFCC? Special memories about class and/or instructors?

I was as involved as I could be. Instructors had their own side projects, and if students showed interest and reliability, many of the instructors would ask if they would be interested in coming along for shoots. I got to PA and Grip on all sorts of small commercials, student films, etc. One of my instructors worked for Cucalorus and had several of us volunteer for entry into the annual film festival every year.

Additionally, I got to intern at Jengo’s Playhouse for a summer and helped with other things they put on like an Oscars screening at Screen Gems. Not to mention many of my classmates would get together on our own to create some shorts either for school or just for fun.

What did you do post-graduation?

After I graduated, I wanted to get on set. Unfortunately in 2017, North Carolina film incentives had dried up and so had larger productions. Some of my classmates had success in moving to larger cities to get on set, so I decided to move to Atlanta, GA.

Did you find work in your chosen field?

I did find some work on set in Atlanta and became a member of Local 479 which represents film and television production technicians. I did find a Theatre in Metro Atlanta that needed an operations technician to work on projection, programming, editing, maintenance, live events, etc. I worked there full-time while living in Atlanta. Now that I am back in Wilmington, I am hoping to get back to being on set more.

Did CFCC assist you with job placement? What other ways did CFCC prepare you for the workforce?

The instructors were great and got me on set as much as they could. I think if the industry had been booming like it was in years prior, many of the instructors would have been able to bring us on larger productions. Many of the instructors would talk to me and other students about what to expect on big productions, tips and tricks, the right attitude to have, and heavy stress on safety above all, which I appreciated. CFCC did a phenomenal job preparing me for post-graduation.

What suggestions do you have for students considering Film and Video Production Technology at CFCC?

I would say do it and be as involved as possible. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The instructors care, the networking is top-notch, and it’s very hands-on. You will also likely make lifelong friends.

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