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Quality Enhancement Plan

CFCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan focuses on developing a structured first-year experience (FYE) program to improve student engagement and success. The goals and objectives of our QEP are listed below:

Goal 1: Increase FTIC students’ engagement during their first year of enrollment.

Objective 1.1: FTIC students will utilize campus resources at a higher rate.

Objective 1.2: FTIC students will report higher levels of engagement as a result of increased utilization of campus resources during their first year of enrollment.

Goal 2: Improve FTIC students’ first-year academic success.

Objective 2.1: FTIC students will improve the study and personal management skills necessary for academic success during their first year of enrollment.

Objective: 2.2: Faculty will enhance instructional strategies to support FTIC student first-year success.

Goal 3: Improve FTIC students’ academic and degree completion planning.

Objective 3.1: FTIC students will develop a degree completion plan within the first 30 hours of attendance.

Objective 3.2: FTIC students will report higher levels of satisfaction with advising and their academic planning.

In January 2016, the QEP Development Team, which consisted of a broadly representative group of CFCC employees from a variety of instructional and service areas, began drafting the QEP document. The document was completed and submitted to SACSCOC in August 2016.

The on-site committee visited the college in October 2016 at which time the QEP was presented. At the culmination of the on-site committee visit, two QEP-specific recommendations were given, and the QEP was revised based on that feedback. The revised QEP document was sent to SACS for review in March 2017.  In July 2017, SACS confirmed that the revised QEP passed with no recommendations.

CFCC Quality Enhancement Plan Final Impact Report

For more information about CFCC’s QEP or to get involved, please contact Dr. Michael Cobb at 910-362-7347 or mcobb@cfcc.edu .

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