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Let us invest in you.

Whether you are a high school student, a single parent, or you are already in the workforce, chances are there is a scholarship for you.

Cape Fear Community College and the Cape Fear Community College Foundation are dedicated to helping our students succeed. Thanks to generous organizations and individuals, we are able to provide scholarships to support students’ academic needs.

In addition to CFCC-sponsored scholarships, there are many organizations outside the college that offer scholarships. To find out more about these scholarships and how to apply, click the buttons below.

See and Apply Scholarship Opportunities

How to Apply for a CFCC-Sponsored Scholarship

Good news! You only need to complete one application for CFCC-sponsored scholarships. It is valid for the entire academic year.

Scholarship applications are currently accepted twice per year: March 1- May 31, and October 1- November 30.

Complete the admissions process

As a part of this process, CFCC will mail you a status letter that will have instructions about establishing your myCFCC username and password on our website. Follow these instructions to set up your myCFCC account. You will need myCFCC credentials to access CFCC’s scholarship application.

Complete the scholarship application

Sign into the applicant portal with your myCFCC credentials, complete the scholarship application

Scholarship FAQs

Complete scholarship application additional requirements

A few CFCC scholarships have additional requirements such as an essay or a letter of recommendation. You can view these after you complete your application by clicking on “Opportunities” and selecting “Recommended.”

Many CFCC scholarships are based on financial need. We can best determine your need based on the information you provide at This is the same application you fill out for Federal Pell Grants and student loans. Even if you do not qualify for grants and do not intend to take out loans, it is still a requirement to complete the FAFSA for any need-based scholarships.

Note: This application process covers CFCC-sponsored scholarships only. There are many outside scholarship opportunities as well.

If you are interested in the scholarship process but have additional questions, please email or call 910-362-7331 to make an appointment with the CFCC Scholarship Coordinator.

CFCC Scholarship recipients will be notified via campus email of their award(s) by early June for the following summer, fall, and spring semesters if applicable.

Be Aware of Scholarship Scams

Every year students and parents are defrauded by scholarship scams. The victims of these scams lose more than $100 million annually. Scam operations often imitate legitimate government agencies, grant-giving foundations, education lenders, and scholarship matching services, using official-sounding names containing words like “National,” “Federal,” “Foundation,” or “Administration.”

In general, be wary of scholarships with an application fee, scholarship matching services that guarantee success, telephone offers of scholarships that “require” personal information (such as bank account number) to process, advance-fee loan scams, and sales pitches disguised as financial aid “seminars.”

Check out what the Federal Trade Commission has to say about scholarship scams .

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