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Meet Your Student Ambassadors

Andreah Anderson

Culinary Arts

I decided to attended CFCC because of the veteran friendly atmosphere.

Fun Facts
1. I am a US Army combat veteran.
2. My hometown is Camden County, GA.
3. I enjoy making music, reading, and cooking.
4. I served as the Student Veterans Organization President and Vice President.
5. I’m a UGA fanatic, GO DAWGS!!!

Maria Congema

Dental Hygiene

I decided to attend CFCC because I love being close to the beach, my family is here, and they offer one of the best dental hygiene programs in the state. Local employers love to hire students who graduate from CFCC as they know they were provided with a quality education.

Fun Facts
1. I was born and raised here in Wilmington, NC.
2. In my free time I like to play pickleball.
3. My favorite hobby is to go boating.
4. I have a large family with four sisters and one brother.
5. I’ve been a student ambassador for my whole time at CFCC (3 years)!


Lauren Laux

Pre-Medical Sonography

I decided to attend CFCC for the accredited Sonography program.

Fun Facts
1. I am on the Cape Fear Women’s soccer team.
2. I am from Michigan.
3. I like to draw.
4. I have 3 sisters.
5. My favorite color is green.

Jade Payton

Medical Assisting

I decided to attend CFCC to get a head start in my health care career while saving money.

Fun Facts
1. I was born in Wilmington, NC.
2. I am a dual-enrolled student from SEA-Tech.
3. One of my favorite foods is Spaghetti. I have two dogs, a pit terrier and a rottweiler.
5. I love reading a good mystery book.

Solomon Smith

Associate in Science

I decided to attend CFCC because of its smaller class sizes, affordability, and ease of transferring to a 4-year university.

Fun Facts
1. My favorite subjects are math and science.
2. I like to play chess.
3. I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in about a minute.
4. I enjoy running, strength training, and exercising as a whole.
5. I absolutely love going to museums.

Gabby Colón

Associate in Science

I went to an early college and wanted to challenge myself academically. I also wanted to gain college experience.

Fun Facts
1. I am from Hampstead.
2. I like powerlifting, I also compete.
3. I am vice president of scholarship for PTK Chapter AXE .
4. I like playing video games.
5. I like STEM-related subject / courses.

Justina DeVito

Associate of Science

I decided to attend CFCC because I am using it a solid spring board into my college career by getting my prerequisites done here and by doing that, I am saving so much money while also getting an amazing education and being able to use all of the programs that CFCC provides for its students.

Fun Facts
1. I was born on Long Island in New York.
2. Danny DeVito (the voice of the Lorax) is my third cousin.
3. My all time favorite color is pink.
4. My dream place to visit is the Amalfi coast in Italy.
5. I was a competitive dancer for thirteen years.

Ivan Ramirez

Business Administration

I chose to attend CFCC because I love Wilmington, and CFCC was the Community College in New Hanover County that offered a two-year degree.

Fun Facts
1. I graduated from New Hanover High School.
2. I love reading books about finance and action novels.
3. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa.
4. I love going to the gym a lot.
5. Accounting was my favorite class during the Fall 2023.

Crystal Rodriguez Garcia

Nursing (ADN)

I decided to attend CFCC because they have the #1 ranked ADN program in the state.

Fun Facts
1. I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico.
2. My favorite color is pink.
3. I speak fluent Spanish.

Carolina Morales


I chose to attend CFCC because of how close but still a good distance away from home.

Fun Facts
1. I was born and raised in Southport, NC which was voted one year the happiest seaside town in America.
2. I’m a part of the Nixon Leader Center and I’m also the secretary of the student government association here at Cape Fear Community College.
3. I am very interested in transferring to Appalachian State University for their Fermentation Science program in hopes to one day have my own vineyard.

Madaline Cromartie

Psychology / Marketing

I chose to attend CFCC to major in psychology and graduate with an Associate of Arts, as well as get a higher insight on college life before going off to Howard University. Taking in any risk or opportunities to build my character.

Fun Facts
1. I’m a senator in SGA.
2. I like to workout/weight lift.
3. I’m a Nixon Center member.
4. I like to read.
5. I am an empath.

Abigail Morse

Associate in Arts

The reason I chose to attend CFCC was because I was being recruited for volleyball and I wanted to be by the beach as well.

Fun Facts
1. I am on the CFCC volleyball team
2. I am originally from Michigan
3. I love dogs
4. My favorite color is pink

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