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August Library Displays

Barbenheimer Display: Barbie + Oppenheimer = Global Phenomenon.

Learn more about both at your library!

books about Barbie and Oppenheimer dvds and books
Modern Art: Is it trash or treasure?

Depends on the eye of the beholder. Behold some of our coolest books on modern art.

books display
Tiny Books, Big Ideas:

Have a lot of questions about the world around you and very little time to answer them?
Our tiny books on big ideas are right for you!

book display book display

Get healthy, wealthy, and wise in the new semester with our collection of books and DVDs on personal growth and personal finance. Let us help you start on a better path.


The 1980s were fun and scary–just ask your parents. Enjoy a blast from the past with our extensive collection of films from the 1980s.

These DVDs Will Blow Your Mind:

Love a twisty film that makes you think? Your CFCC Library has all of the weird films that will blow your mind. Guaranteed or your money back. *All DVD checkouts are free!*
dvds display dvds display

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