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Employee Spotlight: Melissa Watson

Information Technology Instructor Melissa Watson has deep roots in Wilmington, where she was born and raised. After the birth of her son, Melissa pursued flexible part-time work as a radio DJ and voiceover actress for local TV ads. Her passion for education led her to return to college, earning both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Jim Clark

Jim Clark, the Technical Services Librarian at CFCC, has had a varied career path, working in several different industries before finding his passion in education. He pursued a degree in Library and Information Science and became CFCC’s archivist, focusing on preserving the college’s history. His efforts are appreciated by his colleagues, including Jacob Deininger, who  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Casey Errante

Wilmington native Casey Errante developed a love for teaching from an early age. Her first classroom was the Atlantic Ocean, where she taught surfing lessons during the summer at Wrightsville Beach. Her teaching journey also includes instructing middle schoolers on health courses during a stint in Uruguay and coaching soccer. Casey initially pursued business management  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kelly Jordan-Hall

Nurse Aide Program Senior Administrative Technician Kelly Jordan-Hall is a local through and through. Born in Wilmington, she moved to Hampstead during her elementary school years. Her education continued at Topsail High in Hampstead, where she developed a fondness for English and History classes. After graduating high school, Kelly faced uncertainty regarding her future educational  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Thomas Massey

Social and Behavioral Sciences Department Chair Thomas Massey grew up with a fascination for U.S. history. He was curious how the British colonies in America could rise so quickly from independence to become the global power that the United States is today. So, he enrolled in American Studies and History at Swansea University in Wales  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Mary Elizabeth McIntosh

Upward Bound Director Mary Elizabeth McIntosh is originally from Wilmington, NC. She attended New Hanover and Hoggard high schools during a redistricting transition period when Ashley High School was coming into existence. Mary Elizabeth has worked in higher education for over 15 years. Currently, she serves as the Director of Upward Bound, a grant program  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Kaldon

Nuclear Technology instructor Lindsay Kaldon dreamed of being an astronaut from a young age. She studied biographies of NASA astronauts and noticed most of them went through the Air Force or another branch of the military before joining NASA. Pursuing her dream, Lindsay enlisted in the Air Force. Shortly after enlisting, the shuttle program was  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Erin Easton

Workforce Training & Development Director Erin Easton hails from upstate New York where she excelled as a high school athlete, earning a full athletic scholarship to Ohio University for track and field. As a first-generation college student, Erin’s journey in Ohio not only led her to academic success but also to meeting her future husband.  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Pete Doucet

After retiring from the Marine Corps, Pete Doucet began a new chapter in his career. He enrolled at The Chef’s Academy in Raleigh at the age of 50. Having faced challenges in high school, Pete chose a different path and enlisted in the Marine Corps, dedicating 20 years to the infantry. Following his military service,  Read More

Employee Spotlight: Bryce O’Dell

Wilson Center Local Crew member Bryce O’Dell has been interested in theatre since the sixth grade. He started his theatre journey as an actor. However, in the 8th grade, he was assigned the role of a spotlight operator. From that moment on, Bryce envisioned himself as a dedicated stagehand. Bryce’s passion led him to put  Read More
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