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Faculty Spotlight: Emilia Sorensen

Born and raised in Slovakia, Emilia Sorensen first worked as a summer camp counselor in the United States during her college years. During that summer camp, she met her husband, Ben. After summer camp, he followed Emilia to Slovakia, where they married and later welcomed their first child. After completing a double master’s degree in  Read More

CFCC Small Business Center Director Recognized with Two Awards of Excellence

Wilmington, NC – The Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) Small Business Center (SBC) Director, Jerry Coleman, is the recipient of two Awards of Excellence, “State SBC Director of the Year” and “Business Success Story: Most Impact.” These were awarded at the Small Business Center Network Annual Conference in mid-November. Jerry Coleman has served as the  Read More

Staff Spotlight: Jeannie Jordan

If you’ve ever walked around CFCC during the first week of classes, you’ll undeniably run in to Jeannie Jordan as she welcomes new Sea Devils with a warm smile and friendly “good morning, how can we help you?” This charitable gesture emulates the attitude Jeannie Jordan brings into work each day as she seeks to  Read More

Celebrate National Cookbook Month with Pastry Chef Lynn Damron

Our final October recipe was submitted by CFCC Baking & Pastry Arts Instructor Lynn Damron. Chef Damron was trained in Baking and Pastry Arts at Hudson Community Community in New Jersey. Before she earned her degree in Baking & Pastry Arts, she earned her associate degree in television and film from Rider University. Chef Damron’s  Read More

Celebrate National Cookbook Month with Chef Wendy Raubenheimer

National Cookbook Month continues with the delicious and aesthetically pleasing sweet potato pecan salad! The warmth of the colors dresses up your table perfectly for fall or Thanksgiving. This salad contains fruits, nuts, and a unique blend of amazing seasonings, and is brought to you by CFCC Culinary Technician Wendy Raubenheimer. Chef Wendy graduated from  Read More

Celebrate National Cookbook Month with Chef Phillip Jones

As we continue celebrating National Cookbook Month, we share another appetizing recipe provided by CFCC’s Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts chefs. Today’s recipe treat is from Phillip Jones, CFCC Baking & Pastry Arts Instructor. Chef Jones has been with CFCC since 2021 and is a graduate of both CFCC Culinary Arts and Baking  Read More

Celebrate National Cookbook Month with Chef Jodee Hibbs!

Celebrate National Cookbook Month! Throughout October, we share some appetizing recipes from CFCC’s Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts chefs. Today’s mouthwatering recipe has been shared with us by Jodee Hibbs, CFCC Culinary Arts Technician. Chef Hibbs has been with CFCC since 2003 and is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Charleston,  Read More

From solving math equations to coordinating cheers, math instructor and head cheerleading coach does it all

Dr. Shannon Gunter has always loved math. Math came easy to her, and math homework was always the first homework she did after school. At a young age, Gunter knew she wanted to pursue a career in mathematics. However, teaching math never crossed her mind. Deductive Reasoning Gunter considered various careers, such as forensics, that  Read More

CFCC’s Community Spanish Interpreter program offers cultural immersion

CFCC’s Community Spanish Interpreter program is more than learning to translate Spanish to English and vice versa. The program affords its students an immersive experience of the various Spanish-speaking cultures as well. ¿Hablas Espanol? Bilingualism is not a requirement to enter the program. “There are students with a low level of Spanish or a low  Read More

CFCC biology instructor brings two decades of experience and discovery to the classroom

Looking to satisfy a science credit? Consider taking biology with CFCC biology instructor Daniel Norris. Norris has been teaching biology at CFCC for over 24 years. He brings not only his training to the classroom, but also a wealth of experience as an explorer and discoverer. Passion for Exploration and Discovery After earning his bachelor’s  Read More

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