The Cape Fear Community College AutoCAD program will help you pursue a career in engineering, manufacturing, architecture or interior design. Taught by an experienced professional, the classes will culminate with an opportunity to take the Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User Certification exam.

AutoCAD Basic/Intermediate
This is a hands-on class that covers basic and intermediate concepts of AutoCAD software. Students will learn to use the basic drawings and editing commands to set up, draw, modify and dimension architectural, mechanical and civil drawings. Students will increase their speed and proficiency with AutoCAD.

Details: North Campus, 48 hours, $135
Next Offering: Feb 4 – Mar 27, MW, 6-9pm
Course Code: A8030
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AutoCAD Advanced

This advanced course will help students create command aliases, customized toolbars, palettes and ribbon panels. Additional commands include attributes, tables, fields and annotative elements.

Details: North Campus, 24 hours, $80
Next Offering: Apr 10 – May 6, MW, 6-9PM
Course Code: A8034
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Contact Phillip Brown at or (910) 362-7319