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CFCC and Film Partnership of North Carolina collaborate to bring student script to life

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Wilmington, NC – Students enrolled in Cape Fear Community College’s Film and Video Production program have taken their creative talents to the next level by collaborating with industry experts to transform a script into cinematic reality. Luce Bennett, a current CFCC Film and Video Production student, crafted the script for this project. Bennett wrote the script while participating in the prestigious Sundance Directors Academy. The resulting film, entitled Bellum, derived from the Latin word for “war,” delves into the harrowing experiences of soldiers in combat situations.

“Seeing this script come to life has been such a great experience,” said Bennett. “I’m grateful for the collective effort of my peers, the mentorship of my instructors in this program, and the expertise of all the industry professionals that assisted on set.”

The collaboration with the Film Partnership of North Carolina not only benefits the students but also supports local talent. It bridges the gap between aspiring filmmakers and experienced professionals, fostering collaboration and mentoring opportunities. Students can work with and learn from professionals in all areas, including cinematography, sound design, special effects, and more.

“Our students are the best resource that we have, and we are excited to be able to provide funding for this opportunity,” said Susi Hamilton, President of Film Partnership of North Carolina. “In addition to the student interns working on set, we also provide compensation for the twenty-one industry professionals, providing valuable learning opportunities to up-and-coming film professionals. We are proud and excited to partner with CFCC on this project.”

Filming also gave CFCC’s cosmetology students an opportunity to engage in and contribute to on-set makeup. It allowed students to collaborate with seasoned industry experts to gain hands-on experience in movie makeup techniques.

The film production will cover all aspects of the filmmaking process, from pre-production to shooting and post-production. Students will have the chance to experience every stage of the film’s creation, gaining practical skills and invaluable networking opportunities.

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