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CFCC Begins 2020 with Enrollment Increase

WILMINGTON, NC – Cape Fear Community College began its Spring Semester today with a boost in enrollment. More than 8,000 students began classes today, as compared to 7,300 last year.

“I’m rejuvenated from the holidays and excited to be back for the last semester,” said Bethany Fannin, CFCC student. “I graduate this semester; it’s my first time seeing something like this from start to finish, and that’s exciting to me.”

“Everyone at CFCC works hard to help our students enroll and succeed,” said CFCC President, Jim Morton. “We have streamlined some of our processes to make it easier for students to apply and register for classes, and while they’re here, they receive high-quality instruction from professionals who care. I’m so proud of all we’re accomplishing at CFCC and I know our students and community are benefiting from these efforts.”

Jeannie Jordan, who works in CFCC’s Student Services department, has a tradition of greeting students in the lobby of Union Station on the first day of classes. “I love to see our students back after the break. Some of them are beginning school for the first time today. Some of them are beginning their last semester. It’s a great day.”

The college is also seeing an expansion in its Continuing Education division. “We’re in the business of helping people get good jobs or better ones,” said John Downing, CFCC’s vice president of Continuing Education. “We are excited to make these opportunities available in the Cape Fear region.”

In addition to classes starting today, CFCC has shorter-term sessions that begin in February and March, as well as Continuing Education classes that begin throughout the year.

“We encourage those who are curious about CFCC and what we have to offer to stop by and visit our campuses or to check out our newly-redesigned cfcc.edu. We have options for everyone and we’re excited to help people achieve their goals,” said Morton. “This past year alone, we’ve created new University Transfer agreements with UNCW and ECU and have added many short-term training options that can help people land great careers. Everyone at CFCC is working together to make changes that positively impact our students and the community. It’s a great time to be at CFCC.”

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