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CFCC nursing grad locks in career at UVA Hospital

Isaiah Norton When Isaiah Norton was eight years old, his mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. Though surgery and radiation treatment cured her, the experience left Norton with a great appreciation for nurses.

Norton began his nursing education in his home state of Wisconsin. But struggling to find the balance between academics and athletics, he decided to relocate to Wilmington. His plans to continue pursuing a nursing degree led him to the Associated Degree Nursing (ADN) program at Cape Fear Community College.

Norton credits Cape Fear Community College for not only teaching him how to be a nurse, but optimizing his outlook on life and people.

“I feel like an adult and have completely changed the way I think about the world,” shares Norton. “I interact differently with people and my maturity level has increased since starting at CFCC.”

Up Next

CFCC prepared Norton for his next step in the surgical trauma intensive care step-down unit at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Norton attributes the quality of the program to the support students receive from faculty and staff. Observing how the instructors interact with students as well as with patients helped build a solid foundation for Norton to fulfill his calling.

Words of Wisdom

Norton encourages those considering a nursing career to go all in.

“Anyone who wants to go into the nursing program needs to understand that it is hard and it’s a big commitment,” Norton explains. “But, it is well worth it in the end.”

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