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CFCC to offer night classes for interior design

Interior Design Wilmington, NC – Cape Fear Community College is excited to announce the launch of a night class program in Interior Design. This new offering aims to provide individuals with a passion for creativity and aesthetics a chance to explore their talent and pursue a fulfilling career.

The night class program is specifically tailored for those with busy daytime commitments who have longed to delve into interior design. This flexible program allows students to balance their schedules while exploring a new career pathway.

“We are proud to offer night classes in interior design, opening doors of opportunity for aspiring designers who have been unable to explore their passion due to time constraints,” said Jim Varrone, CFCC Public Service Department Chair. “Our goal is to empower these individuals by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to put their creativity to work in an exciting career path.”

CFCC’s Interior Design is a two-year program designed to expose students to the basic requirements of the professions. The curriculum includes residential and non-residential interior design, architectural drafting, computer-aided design, and universal design. Also included are basic design, history of interiors and furnishings, color theory, products, business practices, graphic presentations, and general education courses.

Classes begin on August 18, 2023. For more information on the interior design program, visit cfcc.edu/interior-design/ .

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