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“CFCC trained me for real life” — David Eakins

David Eakins

Even before graduating from CFCC’s Computer Integrated Machining (CIM) program, David Eakins secured a job working for Interroll Group, a leading global provider of machinery handling solutions.

After graduating from Cape Fear, Eakins landed a job with GE Aviation in Castle Hayne, NC as a CNC (computer numerically controlled) operator. In this position, Eakins sets up and manages computer-based controls of the machines to manufacture parts.

Hands-On Trades Training

Before starting at CFCC, Eakins knew he wanted a career working with his hands. He had many interests but wasn’t exactly sure which career path he wanted to follow. Though fortunately for Eakins, CFCC offered training in many fields. The affordable tuition price allowed Eakins to sample career paths until he found the career he wanted to pursue.

I knew I wanted to work with anything that involved turning a wrench, swinging a hammer, running controls, or pulling levers. CFCC helped me find where I wanted to take my career and allowed me to dip my toes in different courses.

Career Experimentation

Before Eakins discovered machining, he explored different programs, including auto body, diesel mechanics, and welding. While enrolled in the welding program, he walked by the machining workshop to the breakroom. Eakins would glance in each day to see what the students were working on.

“I saw the students working on these machines and making anything from small auto jacks to useful tools.”

He was hooked. Eakins completed his welding technology program and re-enrolled at CFCC in the CIM program.


In CFCC’s CIM program, students learn how to operate CNC machinery. CFCC students also learn to read blueprints and repair or produce parts using manual and automated equipment with precise measurements.

Employers are looking for people with skills, and you can learn them at CFCC. The instructors at CFCC bring a lot to the table with their knowledge and experience. What you learn here, you take with you into the workforce.

Eakins appreciates the hands-on training that each student receives in the program. The program begins with introductory courses and advances to more complex classes such as programming machines to the blueprint specifications.

CFCC helped me train for real life. Everything that I do at my job, I learned here. CFCC has prepared me for a career and future I look forward to.

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